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Kids gymnastics classes are a wonderful thing—especially if, like mine, your kids don’t stop moving. If I had a dollar for every time I have yelled “stop!” at my kids whilst walking down the street, in the shopping centre, from inside the shower—I’d be sipping mojitos on my very own island right now. 

They’re little balls of energy; constantly jumping, hopping, fumbling, climbing - oh, so much climbing - falling and getting back up to do it all over again. So when I found out there was a place I could take them that would be both an outlet for all this energy plus improve their coordination and strength, it was a no brainer. I said, take me and my 3 year old mountaineer to this elusive place! And so, off to Gymkidz we went.

Get Moving with Gymkidz

Hidden Gem Amongst The Terraces

Gymkidz is located in Newtown in Sydney’s Inner West and is conveniently located only 5 minutes walk from Newtown's train station and likewise to the eclectic bars and cafes that line the vibrant streets.
Gymkidz review
A Gymkidz session is a perfect activity for your rambunctious youngsters!

They cater for children aged 9 months old to 12 years old and have age-appropriate structured classes that run for 10 weeks during school term times. Hot tip: they also have casual playtime sessions for 0-5 years old, which is the equivalent of soft play heaven for babies and toddlers!

Miss 3 and I signed up for the Toddler Gymnastics Term Class, which I thought would be a good starting point for both of us, as this was Miss 3’s first group activity and parents are able to participate in the classes too. The term class had already been running for 3 weeks, so I had a few apprehensions; “had we missed anything important that had been covered in the first weeks?”, “would we be the odd new kids in the group?”...  but all those worries disappeared instantly as soon as we arrived. 

Fantastic Gymnastics

Gymkidz review
Miss 3 really engaged with the activities and program, building her skills week on week! 

Miss 3 instantly fell in love with the coaches. Their energy and enthusiasm were infectious and all the kids, especially my own, were completely drawn to their every word. So much so, it became a common occurrence at home for Miss 3 to start every sentence with “My ‘nastics teacher said…” 

Each class kicked off with a quick warm-up, which included stretching, dancing and lots of jumping. Then the class was split into smaller groups that started in different gymnastics stations, each station guided by a designated coach. This essentially allowed every child to start an activity straight away and not wait a turn to do the same thing altogether. So simple, yet so brilliant right?! Just name one child you know who enjoys waiting...I’m still waiting!  
Gymkidz review
There's something new and exciting to try every week at Gymkidz! 

Every week the coaching team sets up different gymnastic obstacles and activities for the kids, so every week Miss 3 would be excited to do something new. I loved watching her grow more confident, stronger, coordinated and perceptive as the weeks progressed. At the first class, she barely let go of my hand, wanting me by her side each step. By the second class, she was already independently completing activities on her own, brushing my hand away saying “I can do it!” 
Gymkidz review
Gymkidz is the perfect way to blow off some serious steam while trying a new activity.

It was also a great place to meet other families with similar aged children too. Some parents had joined up together as a regular weekly playdate, but most had simply come along to try something new or to do something active and fun with their child. And for once, no child was complaining! Usually, the notion of a room full of babies and toddlers includes the sound of crying. But not at Gymkidz - with the only exception being when it was time to leave! 

We’re Spreading The Word

Gymkidz Review
Budding little gymnasts will love the Gymkidz lineup of activities, building their confidence and resilience week in, week out! 

Gymkidz is a Covid-safe venue, and we saw great hygiene practices in place, including the cleaning of the equipment when we arrived early and getting all the children to sanitise their hands straight after class.

Miss 3 loved seeing her sticker sheet fill up as we tracked her progress every week. The only problem is we missed three stickers since we started in Week 4...This just means we have to come back again for more stickers, but mostly because Gymkidz truly is a wondrous place! 

Gymkidz Details

Where:      Coronation Hall, 95 Lennox Street, Newtown 2042
When:       Structured classes and playtime sessions run on weekdays during school term times.
Cost:         Book your free trial today! Full-term classes start from $209 for 10 classes (mid-term enrolments available at a pro-rata rate too) 

For more FAQs or information on teachers, classes, timetables or birthday parties, visit the Gymkidz website, call 0406042385 or email [email protected]

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