Don't Fear Sharks Or Stingers, URBNSURF Is A Man-Made Wave Pool For Your Surfing Pleasure

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Love surfing but have an irrational fear of sharks? Want to get into surfing but live too far from the beach? You're going to love URBNSURF, Australia's first surf park, creating up to 1000 perfect waves an hour so you can froth all day long. The surf parks will make waves in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

It doesn't matter if you're goofy or natural, the park creates perfect lefts and rights, from mellow knee-high rollers to 2.0m powerful, barrelling slabs. With waves pumping out up to every four seconds, you’ll be able to ride for between 16-18 seconds – which if you've ever surfed at Bondi, is way longer than your regular beach break. 

Surf's Up

URBNSURF Melbourne, located at Melbourne Airport, is Australia’s first surf park and opened in January 2020. 

Construction of URBNSURF Sydney at Sydney Olympic Park is expected to follow later in 2021. URBNSURF Perth has commenced and is anticipated to conclude in late-2020.

Beach Party

These parks will also blast out LED lightning so you can surf night and day, as well as food and drink outlets, skate ramps, playgrounds, surf training facilities and beach cabanas. It also uses eco-friendly sustainable design, water catchment systems, and recycled, high density polyethylene plastic (HDPE) as the liner for the lagoon (as opposed to a concrete shell.)

After surfing the Melbourne break, families can enjoy delicious, healthy food and beverages provided by Three Blue Ducks Melbourne and lagoon-side amenities including a kids playground, day beds and hot tubs with regular music and various events.

Bring the whole family to learn the ropes in a safe surfing environment perfect for people of all ages, most fitness and skill levels. Most of all, particularly for Melbournites and residents of Western Sydney, it gives the gift of surfing to those who do not have easy access to waves. With URBNSURF, ‘surfing is now for everyone’.

Find out more about URBNSURF here.

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