Crayola Are Launching A New Nail Polish Line So You Can Paint The Town Crayon

  • Teens

By: Alex Harmon, ellaslist

It's likely that one of your first introductions to colour was through a set of Crayola Crayons. Now you can relive your childhood by painting your nails the nostalgic colours of your youth. 

Beauty brand Sally Hansen and Crayola have partnered together to release a line of 12 new nail polish shades, retailing for just $5 (US) a bottle, set to hit stores in the US this month. It looks like us Aussies can buy it online from retail giants such as Walmart, take a look here. 

The 12 nail polishes in the collection are all directly based on classic Crayola colors. The shades are Razzmatazz, Cerulean, Scarlet, Vivid Violet, Denim, Wild Strawberry, Sunset Orange, Carnation Pink, White, Purple Heart, Granny Smith Apple, and Dandelion.

The Dandelion shade might be worth a pretty penny in the future considering Dandelion the crayon was actually retired from Crayola boxes earlier this year. Plus, each Sally Hansen nail polish bottle comes with a unique cap in the same color as the nail polish inside their corresponding bottles. The caps are also decorated with the signature Crayola squiggle. So many memories come flooding back just looking at these colours!