Caution, Mums and Dads! Unsettling ❛Bluey❜ Knock-offs Found on YouTube Kids

Hold on to your hats – we've got some news you'll want to hear. It seems some seriously dodgy 'Bluey' knock-offs have started to appear on YouTube Kids. Yes, you heard that right – counterfeit 'Bluey' episodes. Yikes!

Parental Alert: Beware of Counterfeit 'Bluey' Episodes on YouTube Kids

Not very 'Bluey-like' content.

One of our fellow Aussie mums spotted the fakes when her hubby, bless him, unknowingly played one of these knock-offs for their little one. It starred characters that kind of looked like our beloved Bluey and Bingo, but they were in some pretty weird scenes that didn't feel very 'Bluey-like' at all.

We all think of YouTube Kids as a safe spot for our kiddos to watch their favourite shows, but this just goes to show we can't be too careful. It's not all scary, though. After this mum shared her find with the 'Bluey Mums' Facebook group, it sparked a wave of vigilance among the parenting community.

The content has been deemed offensive and disgusting.

Parents in the group chimed in, describing some of the knock-offs as outright 'disgusting' and 'inappropriate'. One mum reported an episode where poor little Bingo was shown eating, well, let's just call it 'nasty stuff'.

And while it's a bit of a bummer, it's also a great reminder to keep an eye on what our kids are watching, even on 'safe' platforms like YouTube Kids. 

So, here are a few tips to stay one step ahead:

  • Check in on your kiddos. See what they're watching now and then to ensure it's all above board.
  • Use those filters. YouTube Kids has some great content filters that you can use to block the dodgy stuff.
  • Seen something iffy? Report it. If you spot content that's not on the level, let YouTube know.

So let's keep our kids safe, and enjoy the REAL Bluey episodes we all know and love!

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