Build Your Own Self-Isolating Bunker In The Blue Mountains And Win $15k

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Sick of your own four walls? Want to run away from it all and start over? Well... one Australian businessman is offering up his own private property to help families enjoy isolation in a truly unique way. 

Brent Grundy (founder of lovable 'trampoline venue' Flip Out) has launched the Build Your Own Bunker initiative, giving 10 Australian families the chance to spend time together in private isolation on a remote property.

As the owner of a near 7,000 acre land in the Blue Mountains region, Mr Grundy was in the midst of building an outback resort theme park, when plans were halted dramatically a couple of weeks ago. Recognising the increasingly rapid Covid-19 situation facing all Australians during this time, Mr Grundy has put his theme park plans on hold and instead thought of an exceptionally unique opportunity to give families time to escape from the city and enjoy the great outdoors, whilst still abiding by the current restrictions.

He has turned it into the ‘Outback Escape’

The Great Escape

Each family will be invited to select their own isolated part of the property, to enjoy their favourite family activities including camping, fishing and hiking, whilst also getting the opportunity to build their very own bunker or cabin. Crafty families will put their skills to the test and create the most aesthetic and functional ‘Outback Escape Bunker,’ with the winner to receive $15,000 to help provide financial support during this difficult season. 

Inviting Or Ill-Advised?

Mr Grundy claims that this is all above board and complies with the latest government restrictions. Families will be given a 40-foot high cube container away from any other family, where they can cut it in pieces or any shape they like. A range of machinery will be available to weld it back together as desired and the bunkers will be equipped with all the materials needed to complete the build. Assets such as fireplaces, all glass windows, floorings and doors, insulations, bathroom amenities, toilets, as well as tools, stone/timber mills and power equipment including huge generators are available to help cater for all electricity needs. A dedicated onsite engineer and team of builders will be available to consult with via the phone, in accordance with current interaction guidelines.


Grundy, who saw a unique opportunity to give back to the community said, Lots of families are facing it tough during this season and with lots of restrictions being imposed daily, many people are seeing their favourite activities and locations prohibited. I created Outback Escape as a truly unique experience for families to hit the outdoors and spend time together, but take comfort in knowing they are abiding by the rules.”

Like any good camping trip, families will be self-sufficient on the property to enjoy their surroundings for 30 days, whilst also building their bunker in their own design and at their own pace. Food and groceries are also available to purchase, with the nearest township a short 15 minute drive away.

 “Now feels like a good time to be bold and do something out of the box. With how quickly rules and regulations are changing in Australia, there’s a need for business owners, especially those in the entertainment and hospitality industries, to adapt quickly and genuinely think about how they can get creative with customers.” Grundy continues.

The bunkers will be available via application, awarded on a first-in-best-dressed scenario. Families from across NSW will be asked to submit an online entry to[email protected] - outlining why they feel their family has what it takes to survive the elements and build their own Outback Escape bunker. Or you can upload a 1-2 minute submission video onto YouTube using the hashtag #OutbackEscapeBunker.

Families will be invited onto the property from Sunday April 9th, with participants allowed 30 days to complete the Outback Escape Bunker build. The winner will be selected based on their ability to transform the bunker into a liveable and well-designed space, taking home $15,000 cash. All runners up will be allowed to visit their bunker one weekend every month, free-of-charge throughout the year, for 12 months.

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