Bluey❜s House is Available to Rent on Airbnb!

Whackadoo! Bluey's real-life house is now available to rent on Airbnb!

If you're a parent with young kids, you've undoubtedly watched a few hours of Bluey with the kids. Even if you only tune in every few minutes in between thinking about dinner and what's on the docket tomorrow, there's one significant element of the popular tv series that never manages to escape your attention - how incredible Bluey's house is! Well, if you've ever thought it'd be cool to see what Bluey's house looks like for real life, now's your chance!

Fans of the Show can Book Bluey's House on Airbnb

Bluey's house
Bluey and Bingo's bedroom.

Fans of the Bluey series now have the chance to book Bluey's real-life house for a holiday. The Heeler household has been recreated in real-life in Brisbane, where the iconic kid's show is based. Airbnb have partnered with BBC Studios to bring this one-of-a-kind experience to life for Bluey fans Australia-wide.

The home is a quintessential Queenslander design and is remarkably similar to what we see on TV. The two-bedroom residence can accommodate a family of four guests who will be thrilled to notice many similarities from Bluey's animated world, including the red letterbox, bone-adorned chimney and iconic bay window.

Bluey's house
Bluey and Bingo's playroom.

Bluey and Bingo's playroom is another memorable feature and even includes Bluey's Chattermax toy and Magic Xylophone. And it wouldn't be a Brisbane bungalow without a fantastic backyard. The backyard features a barbecue, trampoline, Grannies' car, toadstool seats and garden gnomes.

Bluey's house on airbnb
The backyard at the Heeler house.

Ironically, pets are not allowed when booking your stay!

How to Book

The booking is available for Australian residents only from 8 am on 15 February 2022 for a two-night stay from 18-20 February. 

If you book a stay at the Heeler household in Brisbane, your weekend getaway includes:

  • An exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the Ludo Studio, where Bluey is created
  • A Chinese takeaway feast in the tropical backyard
  • An afternoon decorating the Heeler's memorable duck cake
  • A puppet-making craft session featuring Bluey's famous Bob Bilby character.

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