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Vegan restaurants in Sydney are not hard to come by these days—and it’s no secret that there are some excellent plant-based and vegan eats scattered across the city.

From pizza and pub grub to burritos and burgers—finding decent vegan food in restaurants is no longer the chore it used to be. Here’s our guide to the best vegan restaurants in Sydney.

1. Bodhi Restaurant

Bodhi Restaurant Vegan Restaurants
They say pictures are worth a thousand words—and with this one, we couldn't agree more! 


If dumplings and oriental tapas are your jam‚ the idyllic Bodhi Restaurant is located in the middle of Cook + Philip Park under St Mary's Cathedral in the heart of the city. The pan-Asian cuisine includes yum cha at lunch and tapas at dinner—and spoiler alert; the yum cha menu boasts more than 10 varieties of dumpling. Drool!

A veritable Mecca for those with specific dietary requirements—Bodhi Restaurant does not use any animal products or by-products, and the menu follows the Buddhist cooking philosophy of food being cooked free from onion, garlic, chives, leeks and spring onions. There are also plenty of gluten-free and vegetarian options—so everyone is catered for.

2. Gigi’s Pizzeria

Gigis Pizzeria
For a mouth-watering vegan Italian feast, look no further than Gigi's Pizzeria.


Pizza lovers will rejoice at such a glorious selection of vegan pizzas at Gigi's Pizzeria—although they might grumble when they see the queue that tends to wrap right around the corner! This Newtown gem has earned its reputation as one of the best vegan restaurants in Sydney since it turned fully vegan in 2015.

The menu is bursting with salads, antipasti, and an extensive array of pizzas made using the traditional Neapolitan method. Newtown as a whole is a great destination for vegan eats, and Gigi’s is certainly no exception!

3. Yullis

Best Vegan Restaurants in Sydney
For a menu bursting with flavour, Yullis is a sure-fire hit.


This vegan haunt on Crown Street in Surry Hills is a great place to head for a sharing-style dinner with friends. All dishes at Yullis take their inspiration from South-East Asian and Mediterranean cuisines, and can be ordered individually or enjoyed as part of a banquet menu. We’re talking Korean Fried Broccolini, Steamed Ginger Dumplings, Crispy Tofu and a whole lot more!

There’s also a gluten-free a la carte menu available, and the banquet menu can be made GF on request.

4. Soul Burger

Soul Burger best vegan eats in Sydney
Soul burger: everything you could want from a burger joint, but vegan!


This Sydney burger chain has locations in Randwick, Newtown and Glebe—and it’s 100% plant-based and 100% delicious.

Soul Burger's menu is bursting with burger choices ranging from vegan fried chicken, battered fish, pulled pork, falafel, satay tofu, Beyond Burger and more. And while you’re there, don’t miss the cheesy bacon fries, onion rings or Southern fried cauliflower bites! It’s everything you could possibly want from a burger joint, and the fact that it’s all vegan is the cherry on top.

5. The Green Lion

The Green Lion
The epitome of vegan comfort food is served at The Green Lion.


Serving plant-based comfort food by the truck-load, The Green Lion in Marrickville originated as Australia’s only 100% plant-based pub bistro in 2016 and the concept is traditional Aussie comfort food done vegan. From Burgers, Chicken Schnitty’s and Pizzas to Pasta and a Seafood Basket, The Green Lion offers all of your favourite foods veganised. Desserts are not forgotten—including the Sticky Date and “Sara Lee” Chocolate cake. What more could you want from a vegan restaurant?!

6. Grill’d

Best Vegan Restaurants in Sydney
The burger chain we know and love just got even better—with meat-free Mondays back in full swing!


Everyone’s favourite healthy burger joint has really amped up its commitment to sustainability and a healthy planet lately, since announcing the return of meat-free Mondays, where every Grill’d Relish club member can switch out meat for a variety of plant-based options, and enjoy a 2-for-1 offer on any meat-free burger when they dine-in. They’ve also introduced ‘Tree Day Tuesday’, a partnership with a not-for-profit environmental organisation, Greenfleet, to plant a Grill’d forest that will be protected for 100 years. (And of course, we don't need to tell you twice that Grill'd burgers are utterly delicious.)

7. Golden Lotus Vegan

Golden Lotus Newtown
Fresh, healthy, utterly delicious and totally vegan—Golden Lotus is a must-visit vegan restaurant in Sydney!


Launched in July 2015, Golden Lotus Vegan blends healthy foods and fresh ingredients with a great atmosphere and friendly service. The mouth-watering traditional Vietnamese cooking is completely vegan—with an array of faux meats offered (we're talking duck, fish, chicken, beef!), as well as tofu and plenty of vegetables. 

This Newtown gem is a stalwart of the vegan food scene in Sydney, and just one visit makes it easy to see why!

Hero image: Londoner in Sydney

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