Best Singing Schools For Kids In Sydney

  • Preschoolers

It’s no secret that most kids love to sing. It’s something about the tune, exercising their vocal cords and the joy that a catchy tune sparks that makes it a favourite pastime among little ones the world over. 

If you think your child might like to start singing more, or you’re wanting to engage them in an activity that will boost their self-esteem and harness their ability for self-expression, singing lessons might just be for them. Here’s where to look.

Make Me A Rockstar

If your little performer is looking to fine-tune their voice skills, one-on-one vocal coaching at Make Me A Rockstar could be the perfect answer. In these classes, kids will learn the techniques required to be a great singer—like breathing and vocal techniques.

Children will gain confidence and self-esteem as they work one-on-one with experienced vocal coach and singer-songwriter, learning and growing with every single lesson.

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Unlock Your Voice

Based in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, Unlock Your Voice, aim to provide children with a learning environment where they can build skills and become more confident and consistent in their singing.—ensuring good technique and an even better attitude. The classes include sessions for mums and bubs, kids and teens across three locations in Potts Point, Maroubra, Bondi Junction and Randwick, and are the perfect choice for any little one looking to master their voice!

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Shine Music School

Teaching students from as young as five years old, Shine Music School boasts locations in Chatswood, Parramatta, Burwood and Sydney CBD, and their diverse range of lessons includes a myriad of musical instruments and of course, singing.

As beginners dipping their toes into the world of singing lessons, students will learn beginner rhythms and techniques. Once a solid technical foundation has been built, different singing genres will then be explored. The one on one lessons means that each session is tailored specifically for your child—and they’ll have tonnes of fun whilst learning rapidly. 

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All Arts Academy 

Singing lessons at All Arts Academy are individually catered to the child, ensuring lessons are appropriate to age, ability, taste in music, learning style and range. The qualified teachers are generally trained across a variety of instruments, meaning that vocal training can, therefore, be alternated with piano or guitar lessons for students who wish to gain multi-instrumental proficiency.

Learning singing from a young age can help boost a child's self-esteem, encourages listening skills and strengths their sense of self-expression and at All Arts Academy, kids will learn the correct way to breathe, phrase, and write their own songs and lyrics, and have a whole lotta fun in the process.

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Everyone Can Sing

Situated in the Sydney CBD, all lessons at Everyone Can Sing are set in a structured environment and presented in a fun and accessible way. Teaching kids how to sing involves laying a foundation of vocal techniques through songs and vocal games and exercises—and Everyone Can Sing do this by addressing topics such as breathing, posture and support. 

Classes also work on songs, performance and mic techniques which aim to develop a child’s confidence when it comes to singing, and also in life in general. 

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Hero image: Music Schools International Langley

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