The Best Primary Schools in Melbourne for 2021

  • Preschoolers

Choosing one of the best primary schools in Melbourne for your son or daughter presents most of us parents with one of the hardest decisions we'll likely make as a parent. There are so many factors that go into selecting the best primary school in Melbourne for your kids. Location, results, school ranking, teachers, number of students per class, whether their friends are also attending... and the list goes on and on.

While high schools are predominantly ranked according to previous HSC results, Better Education uses a variety of results to deliver top primary school rankings, including NAPLAN results, their English and Maths rankings, total enrolments, overall academic performance etc.  

* Please note: Due to COVID-19 no NAPLAN testing took place in 2020 so the most recent results remain current.

The Top 10 Best Primary Schools in Melbourne:

1. Presbyterian Ladies College Melbourne

2. Haileybury College

3. St Andrews Christian College

4. Huntingtower School

5. Beverley Hills Primary School

6. Serpell Primary School

7. Oakleigh South Primary School

8. Camberwell Grammar School

9. Camberwell Girls Grammar School

10. Glendal Primary School

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