Boost Your Child❜s School Readiness Over Two Years For The Best Start

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Preschool is not just another year of child care, it’s a vital stepping stone to Primary School and the final opportunity for your child to benefit from a high-quality early education in their first five years of life.  

Lifelong Learning

Preschool Teaches More Than Just Numbers

School readiness is more than building foundational learning skills, it’s about developing social confidence and emotional resilience and knowing how to ask for help. These important skills in independence and confidence are vital, especially as the child to teacher ratio can often double when starting in a primary school classroom. (The average ratio of children to a teacher in a Preschool is 11:1, which provides lots of opportunities for support.)

Preschool provides opportunities for children to form friendships with peers of their own age. This plays a significant role in supporting children’s social and emotional development, as having healthy and strong friendships helps children learn positive social behaviours. 

Preschool classroom environments also provide stimulating opportunities to support their learning and play. In dramatic play spaces, for example, children learn to cooperate, communicate, engage in literacy and numeracy while acting out real-life experiences. 

Research continues to provide evidence that the education children receive in the five years before they commence school is the most important education they will receive. 

Lifelong Learning

The Best Preparation Is Two Years

Traditionally, just one year of Community Preschool is offered to build school readiness skills - sometimes for only 15 hours per week. However, international research is suggesting that those children who have access to two years of a high-quality school readiness program – start school further ahead and tend to remain ahead.

The specifically designed Lifelong Learning Centres’ Preschool Program allows children to maximise their education and social development, over a two year period – rather than one. 

Lifelong Learning Centres' Preschool Program

Enrolling your child in the Lifelong Learning Centres’ Preschool Program is the best choice for preparing your child for ‘big’ school. The two-year program provides flexible sessions, days and offers more than a traditional time-restricted Preschool program. 

The program includes an industry-leading focus on:

  • Social, emotional, physical and academic school-readiness for the move to ‘big’ school
  • Learning to recognise and write their own name
  • 21st Century thinking skills and communication skills
  • Number recognition and early math problems
  • Child-led investigation projects building problem-solving skills

Other benefits include:

  • Flexible care, including a 5-day-a-week program with full-day and flexible session times
  • State Approved Curriculum led by Bachelor-qualified Early Childhood Teachers
  • Enrol from 3 years of age
  • Casual learning days available throughout the year and during holidays
  • Child Care Subsidy eligibility

Learn more about how a 2-year Preschool program can benefit your child, meet the experienced team and tour the inspiring learning spaces. Find your closest Lifelong Learning Centre and book a family tour today.

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