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It’s no secret that bedtime stories comprise a lovely part of a child’s bedtime routine. Intended to help them wind down and offering chilled time for connection, bedtime stories for kids are a staple in many households the world over.

But which to pick? We’ve done some digging and come up with some wonderful bedtime stories for kids, including a range of ones to read, and ones to listen to.

1. Enid Blyton Treasury of Bedtime Stories

Enid Blyton's Treasury of Bedtime Stories
Enjoy some classic children's books before bed with this stunning treasury of stories.

Bursting with nostalgia, Enid Blyton's Treasury of Bedtime Stories for kids from one of the world's most beloved storytellers is something to treasure forever. It's a great choice for school-age kids, as each short story stands alone and takes the reader on a brand-new adventure. From the pixie seamstress who makes dresses for the Fairy Queen to the little boy who turns into a steam engine, kids will delight in meeting a host of magic and memorable characters in this gorgeous collection.

2. Goodnight Moon

Goodnight Moon
The perfect story for younger ones, this iconic bedtime story will induce all the sleepy feels! 

A well-loved story enjoyed by generations of bed-goers, Goodnight Moon is about a bunny saying goodnight to all the familiar things in the softly lit room—from the picture of the three little bears sitting on chairs to the clocks and his socks, to the mittens and the kittens. A true classic, it's the perfect short bedtime story for kids that will lull little ones into a sleepy trance.

3. ABC Bedtime Stories

ABC Bedtime Stories
If your kids prefer to listen to their bedtime story, ABC Bedtime Stories is for them!

On from 7 - 7.30 pm every night, ABC Kids provide soothing Bedtime Stories for winding down and getting ready for bed. Each episode features a few different stories including iconic children's characters, like Play School, Elmer, Giggle and Hoot and more. Listen online here!

4. Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls and Stories for Boys Who Dare to be Different

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls
These inspirational reads are the perfect bedtime story choice for slightly older children!

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls introduces us to one hundred remarkable women and their extraordinary lives. Including the likes of Marie Curie and Malala, this book brings together the stories of scientists, artists, politicians, pirates and spies. Each double-page spread contains a mini-biography written in the style of a modern fairy tale and a full-page portrait capturing the spirit of each heroine—making it the perfect bedtime read for older girls. 

Meanwhile, Stories for Boys Who Dare to Be Different offers a welcome narrative to traditional gender stereotypes. It is a compilation of 100 stories of famous and not-so-famous men from the past to the present day, every single one of them a rule-breaker and innovator in his own way, and all going on to achieve amazing things.

5. I Don’t Want to Go to Bed by David Cornish

I Don't Want to Go to Bed
The hilarious sequel to I Don't Want to Eat My Dinner, this book really sums up how "spirited" our little people can be...

The ideal story for kids who are slightly more *challenging* to get down for the night, I Don't Want to Go to Bed by David Cornish is funny, lighthearted and might just inspire your little angel to make the process a little easier...

6. Little Bedtime Stories podcast

Little Bedtime Stories Podcast
Grab a paddle for your nightly visit to Story Island with the Little Bedtime Stories podcast.

Great for all ages, these short bedtime stories for kids on the Little Bedtime Stories podcast average about 8 minutes in length, and are the perfect solution to get busy bees to wind down in the evening! 

7. Roald Dahl Collection

Roald Dahl Collection
They don't come much more classic than this...

Bursting with iconic stories that will never go out of style, this 16-book Roald Dahl Collection offers plenty of bedtime story fodder for kids. Whether they're reading to themselves or doing a chapter per night with a parent, these nostalgic tales make a great choice for winding down in the evening. Our standout picks are Matilda, George's Marvellous Medicine, Fantastic Mr Fox, The BFG, The Witches, The Twits, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, James And The Giant Peach and Danny The Champion Of The World. Oh, the memories! 

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