All You Can Eat Sushi Might Finally Satisfy Our Cravings

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By: Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist

The only drawback of going to sushi train is the feeling of judgement that overcomes you when it feels like the whole restaurant is staring straight at your mountain of emptied-clean sushi plates. There's nowhere to hide- everyone knows those 4 green plates, 3 blue plates, and 2 gold plates (that's a bit of a splurge) was you, and you only.

We think we've found the only sushi bar in Sydney that practically begs for you to over-indulge without judgement: ALL YOU CAN EAT SUSHI at Kansai. 

Hand Rolls & Sashimi & Udon, Oh My!

On Hunter Street in the Sydney CBD you'll find Kansai, the awesome sushi restaurant offering an all-you-can-eat, no time limit dinner special. Running from Mondays-Saturdays, diners can pick literally as much as they want, for either $32 (sashimi, hot pot and gelato excluded) or for $42 (NOTHING excluded). The best part? Kids under 3 eat FREE, and children aged 3-12 years get a $10 discount. There's no time limit, so we suggest waiting until that painful bloat subsides a little bit, before stuffing perhaps just one more bite down....

Their menu is super extensive, including all the common favourites as well as delicious green tea gelato, all-things Teriyaki, seafood hot pots, and some of the most decadent sushi rolls we've seen. 

Where? Head to B1/7-13 Hunter Street, Sydney CBD to gorge, or visit their website. 

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