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As we all know, Australia is a multicultural country and, at last count, is home to more than 1.2 million people of Chinese ancestry, many of whom speak the Mandarin language.

Multilingual children can have a distinct advantage in this diverse landscape. Among the many benefits of learning a new language, they can make more language connections, cultivate an inbuilt cultural competency and develop an appreciation of cultural diversity. Plus, being multilingual, they can share their language skills, travel abroad and open up career opportunities.

Discover Unique, Immersive Language Programs at Angsana Education

A Dramatically Different Approach To Learning A Language
Angsana Education has a dramatically different approach to language.

Who Are Angsana Education?

Angsana Education is a language enrichment and cultural study centre that facilitates multilingual early learning programs for children. Drawing on a belief that children absorb new languages much faster in their early years, their programs for children from 6 months to 12 years harness this optimal time in a child’s life for language acquisition and development. With expert educators who are native Mandarin speakers with a genuine desire to share the language, Angsana Education ensures their intimate small group classes give children the time, space and attention they need to flourish.

They also know that for children to fully engage in a learning experience, it helps if it is fun! Dragging your reluctant child to tedious, textbook language classes is a thing of the past. Angsana Education uses a play-based learning strategy teeming with interactive activities that encourage kids to make friends and communicate with each other.

Angsana Education provides creative language programs for children in both English and Mandarin, two of the most widely spoken languages in the world! These programs immerse children in language. They enrich and support their learning through play, drama, stories, music, dance, songs and games.

Angsana Education has established an immersive multilingual environment where little learners can be inspired to connect with others and learn to play with a new language as part of their everyday lives. The innovative classes are a unique way to uphold and engage in the cultural and linguistic diversity of the Sydney community.

Angsana Education is a language enrichment and cultural study centre
The Angsana Education language enrichment and cultural study centre.

The Angsana Education English Enrichment Program

Angsana Education's English Enrichment Program is designed for children from preschool age through to Year 6 and delivered by a qualified primary school teacher. It is designed to develop, support, enhance and enrich your child’s current level of English language skills.

The program student-centred encourages young children to develop fluency and competency in listening, comprehension and speaking English, allowing them to fully and successfully participate in the primary school program with confidence.

The engaging classes include lessons in art and craft, music, songs and drama to support their learning, plus public speaking that improves confidence. Small groups allow for more personalised lessons and the active, creative content ensures children maintain their focus and make progress with their English language and literacy skills - and have fun doing it! Each child also has an individualised learning map to track their progress and growth. 

The Angsana Education English Enrichment Program syllabus includes:

  • Writing Narrative - plan and structure your stories.
  • Persuasive - join live debates.
  • Reading - learn the six key skills for reading comprehension.
  • Language Conventions - practice your spelling, punctuation and grammar.

NAPLAN preparation is also included for children in years 3 to 6.

Angsana Education's English Enrichment Program 2023 Topics and Timetable for preschool to Year 6.
English Enrichment Program Topics and Timetable for Preschool to Year 6.

The Chengzhu Mandarin Program

Originating in Singapore, the unique Chengzhu Mandarin program is an immersive educational experience that creates a holistic environment to teach children about the Chinese language and culture. 

Considered a ‘dramatically different’ approach to mastering the ancient language, the program lays the foundation for deep and enduring learning, giving children the confidence to become bilingual citizens of the world, and only Angsana Education has exclusive rights to deliver this bespoke program in NSW.

Mandarin at Angsana Education is taught in age-appropriate classes including PlayClub class for children aged 1½ to 3 years and a Language Learners class for preschool and school-age children up to 6 years old. Using playful activities including song and dance, art and craft, drama, music and stories, the classes aim to instill an enjoyment of language in these early learners, helping them to make sense of their bilingual experience more effectively. They focus on the four key components of language learning - speaking, listening, reading and writing - in a fun and engaging way.

More Angsana Education Language Programs

Angsana Education has its own Mandarin programs for non-native speakers including Little Lorikeets for learners 3 - 6 years old and a Mandarin for Primary School program, based on the Youth Chinese Testing program.

The Little Lorikeets program offers young children the opportunity to learn Mandarin as an additional language, teaching them basic daily vocabulary through a range of play-based activities.

The popular Mandarin for Primary School classes offers children aged 7 to 12 years the opportunity to obtain an internationally recognized Chinese language qualification! Testing is however completely optional and children can still undertake the program without the pressure of sitting for tests.

As well as arming children with invaluable skills and cultural awareness that they can use in the real world, acquiring another language has a host of neurodevelopmental benefits. Mandarin in particular stimulates different parts of the brain to promote creativity and problem-solving. Children can also use their newly-acquired language at home, to connect with kids at school and out in the world.

Find out more about Angsana Education and book your trial class at or call them on 0478181994.

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