6 of the Most Instagrammable Places in Melbourne to Freshen up Your Feed!

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There's no denying it, Melbourne has some of the most iconic vistas to ever grace social media, and Instagram is where it's at!

We love so much about this city's prettiness online and off, but these are six spots you absolutely can't miss if you want to catch the spirit of Instagram Melbourne. 


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1. Federation Square

I mean, it's a no-brainer, but those geometric lines will get you every time! Every single angle of Federation Square is beautiful, and it's hard to take a bad photo of such an artsy place. Grab a shot from the neighbouring skyscrapers or from below, no matter which way you snap it, it will be sure to stand out.

2. The Reading Room at the State Library of Victoria

There's just something about that under-dome layout that is just so pleasing to the eye in the Reading Room at the State Library of Victoria, and it's a popular place to snap a pic for the socials. But be warned - it's harder than it looks to get the lines just right! What looks symmetrical to us does not translate to Instagram super well, but a few steps back should sort you out.

3.  The Yarra River at Southbank

A popular spot for IG chasers is the Yarra River and city skyline from just about any point along the banks or bridges across. Especially beautiful at night! Don't be shy - everyone stops for a pic along here.

4. Hosier Lane

You and everyone else in Melbourne will be trying to get a shot down this famous laneway, close to theatres and buzzing restaurant hotspots. It does make it difficult to get a clear shot, but folks usually are pretty aware everyone's trying to do the same thing so move along quickly! It's worth the wait though - the vibrant colours make for a pretty spectacular image.


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5. The Fountain and Exhibition Building at Carlton Gardens

Any day of the week you will see brand new brides and grooms getting their official wedding shots done in this utterly beautiful park - often more than one couple! It's certainly iconic but with a backdrop like this, it's not hard to see why. Hot tip - go in autumn when all the leaves are a riot of burnished golden colour.

6. From the Eureka Skydeck

From where else would you get such a birds-eye view of this photogenic city? Ok so from probably the Star Observation Wheel, but stay with me here! I dare you to get to the top of this super tourist attraction and not take a photo of the skyline!

We could honestly go on all day about fantastic vantage points to Instagram Melbourne from - we may have to do a Part Two! Where would you recommend?