Celebrate The 50th Anniversary Of Apollo 11 At The Powerhouse Museum

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On the 21st July 1969, Man landed on the Moon for the very first time. This amazing achievement both thrilled and delighted the imagination of children (and adults alike!) right around the world. To mark the 50th anniversary of his monumental time in history, the Powerhouse Museum are premiering an incredible Apollo 11 Exhibition, opening 29 June just in time for the winter school holidays.

There are over 200 objects on display. Some of our favourites that will excite the kids include:

  • A replicate life-size Astronaut suit.
  • A fragment of the Moon!
  • The incredibly detailed sculpture of the moon, Museum Of The Moon, that measures 7 metres in diameter, representing 5 kilometres of the Moon’s surface.
  • Some of the original code used to control the guidance system, on dot matrix printer paper no less!
  • Part of the iconic CSIRO Parkes Radio Telescope (Yes, The Dish from the movie!) responsible for receiving some of the first images of the moonwalk and broadcasting over 2 hours of images around the world.
  • The Mercury casual replica with hatch removed so you can see what it would have been like for the astronauts to travel in such cramped conditions.
  • A new virtual reality experience that allows you to watch the moon landing from the perspective of Michael Collins.
  • An interactive simulator arcade game the kids will love exploring to pretend to land on the Moon.
  • Samples of astronaut's clothing and food items
  • Inspired children’s toys from 1969.

This impressive exhibition will include talks and events throughout its stay at the Museum, including two tours at Sydney Observatory (12 and 19 July) and the Sydney Science Festival on 9 August.

A range of activities for all ages will take place at the Powerhouse Museum on the historic anniversary day (21 July) as well as throughout the winter school holidays (6-21 July).

Although the older kids will likely be more engaged in this exhibition, there are ample opportunities to educate and excite your younger tribe about space, the Moon, science, and better still, women in science such as Margaret Hamilton, the software engineer who lead the team that wrote the onboard guidance system code for Apollo 11!

And of course, it’s at the beloved Powerhouse Museum, so you know there is so much to explore while you're there, including a well-stocked gift store plus a great cafe serving delicious coffee.

When:   Daily showings from 29 June 2019, 10 am-5 pm 
Where:  The Powerhouse Museum
Cost:     $8-$15
For more see the website


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