We All Have Super Powers Workshops

  • Thu Apr 08 - Thu Apr 15 2021
  • Kids
  • see website for cost

Calling all kids aged five to 12 years old! With one or all of our three school holiday sessions in Chatswood, your child can learn all about powerful self-talk, social connections and friends and growth mindset.

These sessions would especially be helpful to kids who are more shy, sensitive or negative, often have friends issues, or are afraid to challenge themselves.

8 April
Powerful self talk At this workshop, kids will be guided through physical exercises to experience the difference in their body when being affected or guided by positive self-talk. Kids can be better empowered through physical experience. The key is to drive kids to have more positive self-talk and understand that what they say to themselves matters!

14 April 14
All about friends In this session, kids learn how to be more social at school, how to approach new friends, how to resolve conflicts, how not to be peer-pressured and when to say no. With guidance on how to pick the right friends to make them more comfortable in being themselves, more kind and positive energy will be running through their days at school.

What is a growth mindset? Kids will be guided through various scenarios, or acts, to see and understand how to proactively resolve problems with a positive attitude. They will understand the various ways to become more open-minded around everything and be able to see the light in all situations.

Where:        65 Archer St, Chatswood
When:         8 and 14 April 2021
Cost:           See website for cost

For more information, please visit Rise and Raise's website.  

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