Talent Club Australia - Winter School Holidays

  • Mon Jul 04 - Fri Jul 15 2022
  • Kids

Talent Club Australia partners with parents to encourage, coach and guide students (5-17yrs) to develop self confidence and self esteem, while building the essential skill of communication that will serve them throughout their lives.

Running term classes and holiday workshops for over five years, the team of talented, energetic and experienced coaches have produced hundreds of confident communicators. These Winter School Holidays choose from in-person workshops at a range of locations across Sydney or enjoy online workshops from the comfort of home. Your child will benefit from learning new presentation skills, speaking skills, body language techniques, creative thinking strategies, writing tips and debating theories while enjoying a fun and interactive holiday activity.

4-in-1 Communications Skills for Kids

School Holiday Workshops

Our 4-in-1 In-Person & Online Communication School Holiday Workshops will boost your child's confidence and teach them important communication skills by combining public speaking, creative writing, debating and drama activities.

For 5-17 yr olds (Junior & Senior workshops)

Why enrol your child in our 4-in-1 Workshop: 

  • They'll get to learn and practice all 4 activities of public speaking, creative writing, debating and drama
  • They'll leave with more confidence & better communication skills
  • They'll have better presentation skills & work more effectively in a team
  • They'll have improved leadership skills, creative thinking, problem-solving and critical thinking skills
  • They'll be taught by professional, talented coaches
  • They'll have a load of fun!

Note: Our workshops follow the Australia Speech Communication Association (ASCA) syllabus.

Talent Club Australia - 4-in-1 Communications Skills for Kids.

Sample Workshop Program

  • Introduction - Getting to know you
  • Creative Writing - Newsletters/Short Stories are crafted in 20 minutes
  • Public Speaking - Students read aloud their stories to the class/Impromptu speaking on a topic
  • Debating - Students split up into two groups and are given 5-10 mins to come up with points as a team, then present to the class
  • Drama - Activities to show the skills and techniques to connect with your audience like eye contact and body language
  • Self assessment and presentation of the skills learnt at the end of the sessions
  • Feedback from the coach

All our workshops are led by talented coaches who make every activity fun and ensure every student is included!

Holiday Workshop Locations

4-in-1 IN-PERSON School Holiday Workshops are available in:

  • Westmead - Domain Community Rooms (Oakes Room)
  • Chatswood - Northside Salvation Army Church
  • Annangrove - Annangrove Progress Hall
  • Waitara - Seventh-Day Adventist Church
  • Stanhope Gardens - Stanhope Anglican Church
  • Carlingford - Don Moore Community Centre (Room 3)

4-in-1 Holiday Online Workshops

  • Open to anyone in any location (note the timings on our website are in AEST)
  • Same program as our in-person workshops - learning communication skills over Zoom is very effective!
  • Enjoy the workshop from the comfort of your own home
  • A Zoom link is provided prior to the workshop commencing.
Talent Club Australia - 4-in-1 Holiday Online Workshops.

When:                    From 4 July 2022
Cost Early Bird:    In-person: $150 for in-person workshop (9:30am-3:30pm for 2 days). Online: $120 for online workshop (1.5 hours per day for five days).
Cost Standard:     In-person: $180 for in-person workshop (9:30am-3:30pm for 2 days). Online: $150 for online workshop (1.5 hours per day for five days).

For more information, visit the Talent Club Australia.

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