Supernatural Exhibit At White Rabbit Gallery

  • Fri Sep 07 2018 - Sun Feb 03 2019
  • Kids
  • $0.00

Go on, take the plunge into the Supernatural at the White Rabbit Gallery. As you walk in, you'll encounter half-man, half-dragonfly creatures hanging from the ceiling. The installation piece, Deviation, is a comment on the fact that as humans we see ourselves as superior; why is this when unlike insects, we can't fly and lack 360 vision, so can't see the world in its entirety? Something to chat about with the kids. 

Man's influence on the world is further explored in installation art pieces like Oil Spill in the form of black porcelain disks, forcing the viewer to think about their environmental impact because it's right there in front of them. 

Make sure to head to the gallery's top floor, where you'll find Yang Wei-Lin's installation: a magical sea of thousands of floating cloth disks, each hanging by a thread - an ocean in itself, and a reminder that there's always going to be something larger than human life. 

Where:    White Rabbit Gallery, 30 Balfour Street Chippendale 
When:     7 September 2018 - 3 February 2019. Gallery Opening Hours are Wednesday-Sunday, 10am-5pm
Cost:       FREE 

For more information, visit the website.

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