Little Leapers for Toddlers at Sky Zone

  • Wed Jul 24 - Sat Sep 28 2019
  • Toddlers
  • From: $10.00

Sky Zone’s Little Leapers class in Miranda and Alexandria is a great way for toddlers and preschoolers to hop, jump and skip around in a safe environment.

Sky Zone is a big place and we get that little ones still coming to terms with gravity can get overwhelmed by the fumble and tumble of jumping among the masses. That’s why they've got special toddler sessions for all those pocket-sized pouncers and their parents. 

Little Leapers can’t be booked online so just roll in, pay on arrival and watch your little one get leaping! (And we will do our best to wear them out and make bedtime a breeze!)

*They're not too worried about a minimum age limit, as long as they can walk, they can jump.

As well as the usual jumping fun, we’ve also introduced some exciting new activities to the Little Leapers program including:
- guided group activities and games
- colouring-in
- toddler play area filled with tunnels, tents and toys

Do you have older children as well? They can also attend general jumping.

Where:    Sky Zone Miranda and Sky Zone Alexandria
When:     Monday - Friday; 10am to 1pm; Saturday & Sunday; 9-10am at Alexandia & 10-11am at Miranda; School holidays 9-10am (Sessions start on the hour)
Cost:       $10 per hour for a child 5 years and under; $3 grip socks per pair

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