Kids Puppet Shows at Puppeteria Spring Holidays 2018

  • Sat Sep 29 - Sun Oct 14 2018
  • Toddlers
  • $0.00

The JERAL PUPPETS is presenting three exciting programs during the September-October School holidays at their PUPPETERIA THEATRE at 12H Denawen Ave, Castle Cove.

(at 10.30am for 2- 5yrs) 

A show for two-to-five year olds, featuring the ever-popular story of “the Three Little Pigs”, as well as songs, skits and shadow puppets, will be performed  by the JERAL PUPPETS on Tues 25, Fri 28 September, Mon 1, Wed 3, Fri 5, Sun 7, Tues 9, Thurs 11, Sun 14 October. 

(at 10.30am for 2- 5yrs)

Have a whale of a time under the sea with Starfish, Seahorses, Mermaids, Whales and Octopuses,  performed  by the JERAL PUPPETS on Sun 30 September, Tues 2, Thurs 4, Mon 8, Wed 10, Fri 12 October.

(at 1.30pm for 4-9 yrs)

A puppet double feature!  Everyone’s favourite fairytale princess, plus Dorothy and her friends Tinman , Scarecrow and Lion, on their adventures on the yellow brick road. The JERAL PUPPETS present this colourful show on  Wed 3, Thurs 4, Mon 8, Tues 9, Thurs 11 October.

September schedule is:
Tues 25 Sept   10.30am   “The Three Little Pigs”
Fri  28 Sept      10.30am   “The Three Little Pigs”
Sun  30  Sept   10.30am   “The Octopus’s Garden-Party”

October schedule is:
Mon 1 Oct      10.30am “The Three Little Pigs”
Tues 2 Oct     10.30am  “The Octopus’s Garden-Party”
Wed 3 Oct      10.30am  “The Three Little Pigs”
                        1.30pm. “Sleeping Beauty” & ” Wizard Of Oz”
Thur 4 Oct      10.30am  “The Octopus’s Garden-Party”
                        1.30pm. “Sleeping Beauty” & ” Wizard Of Oz”
Fri     5 Oct     10.30am “The Three Little Pigs”
Sun 7 Oct       10.30am  “The Three Little Pigs”
Mon 8 Oct      10.30am  “The Octopus’s Garden-Party”
                        1.30pm.  “Sleeping Beauty” & ” Wizard Of Oz”
Tues 9 Oct     10.30am   “The Three Little Pigs”
                        1.30pm. “Sleeping Beauty” & ” Wizard Of Oz”
Wed 10 Oct    10.30am  “The Octopus’s Garden-Party”
Thur 11 Oct    10.30am  “The Three Little Pigs”
                        1.30pm. “Sleeping Beauty” &” Wizard Of Oz”
Fri 12 Oct       10.30am “The Octopus’s Garden-Party”
Sun 14 Oct     10.30am  “The Three Little Pigs”

Where:     Puppeteria Theatre, 12H Denawen Ave, Castle Cove
When:       2018, various showtimes available
Cost:        Admission is $12 per child and $15 per adult

Tickets can be booked on 93717328 or visit the website.

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