Ken Done Online Art Tutorials

  • Fri May 15 - Tue Jun 30 2020
  • Kids
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Legendary Australian artist Ken Done is celebrated for his unique, vibrant style that showcases our iconic landscape and is featured in collections throughout the world. He also has a range of online educational resources to inspire young creatives.

Primary Worksheet
Stage 2 & 3 (years 3-6)
This worksheet aims to help students develop their knowledge, skills and understanding when creating artworks. 

High Worksheet
Stage 4 (years 7 & 8)
This worksheet is created for Stage 4 Visual Art students to explore different artmaking conventions and procedures.

Senior Worksheet
Stage 5 & 6 (years 9-11)
This worksheet is intended for Stage 5 and 6 Visual Art students to develop knowledge, understanding and skills to critically interpret art.

Find out more about Ken Done educational resources.

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