Grapest 5k Fun Run 2021

  • Sat Jun 05 2021
  • Parents Only
  • From: $63.00

Wine is a sure-fire way to make us do exercise, so our ears well and truly pricked up when we heard about the Grapest 5 kilometre fun run.

This epic series of wine-tasting fun runs kicked off around Australia in 2017. Clearly, people loved that there was a boozy reward for their hard work in the exercise department—and we can’t say we blame them.

Grapest consists of two sections. To begin, you sprint or jog (or simply go at whatever pace you favour), your way through scenic vineyard surroundings. Then, once you’ve completed the first five kilometres (or 10, if you’re a real keen bean), you begin the “wine waddle”, where you walk an extra kilometre while stopping at tasting stations along the way and sampling the good stuff. Sounds like heaven to us!

2021’s events are lined up for Saturday, June the 5th at Cassegrain Wines in Port Macquarie, with a date yet to be determined for Bunnamagoo Estate Wines in Mudgee. Tickets for Port Macquarie are on sale now. Get yours here!

Where:       Multiple locations across Australia
When:        5th June 2021 + others
Cost:          $63 per person for running and Wine Waddle

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