Come and Try Day with Carlingford Baseball Club

  • Sun Jul 31 2022
  • Preschoolers
  • Free!

The Carlingford Baseball Club is hosting a Come and Try Day this Sunday for ages five and up with no prior experience needed. 

T-Ball and Baseball are perfect for your family if you're looking for a new physical activity in a safe, non-contact, fun environment. 

Has your family ever signed up for a full season of a sport only to find out that your child doesn't really like the game? It's more common than you'd think, which is why we love that Carlingford Baseball Club is hosting a Come and Try Day.

Give your child a chance to have a go, and there is no doubt they will fall in love with the wonderful games of T-Ball and Baseball. 

What's on offer for 5/6-year-olds

  • Aussie T-Ball is a Friday night development activity between October and December. 
  • The teams focus on participation, teamwork and fun. 
  • Playing equipment and uniforms are provided.

What's on offer for 6/7-17 yrs

  •  Junior T-Ball and Baseball played within the Hills Junior Baseball Association.

The club play each Saturday morning between September and March, with a break over Christmas.

Find out more at the Carlingford Baseball Club Website. 

When: 31st of July, 10am - 2 pm
Where: Murray Farm Reserve, Murray Farm Road, Carlingford. 
Cost: Free

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