Spend Your Summer with Lindamood-Bell

  • Mon Dec 17 2018 - Fri Jan 25 2019
  • Kids
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Double Bay & Chatswood

For over thirty years, Lindamood-Bell has been improving the lives of students. Lindamood-Bell believes that all children and adults can learn to their potential.

At their learning centres, they provide highly individualised instruction in reading, comprehension, and maths utilising the programs developed by our founders.

The research-validated programs they utilise are unique because they address the underlying sensory-cognitive process skills necessary for an individual to process language. They are the only organisation globally to address this with their instruction.

Lindamood-Bell’s instruction is based on an individual’s learning needs and develops the imagery-language foundation for learning. Through Socratic questioning, the instructors teach students to integrate sensory information to help them become self-correcting and independent learners–especially in reading, language comprehension, maths, and critical thinking.

Their instruction has been proven successful for individuals with learning challenges, including dyslexia, hyperlexia, ADHD and autism spectrum disorders.

Lindamood-Bell and all of its Learning Centres are accredited by AdvancED. 

Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes-Double Bay (Suite 3, Ground Floor 1 Transvaal Avenue, Double Bay, NSW 2028)

Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes-Chatswood (Suite 73 Chatswood Village, 47 Neridah Street, Chatswood, NSW 2067)

Where:    Double Bay and Chatswood
When:     From 17 December 2018

Learn more about our summer programs today! Call 02 9328 7119 or visit the website for more information.