Threshold: Gifts That Make Space, Rather Than Take It Up


Mountain Goat Mountain is an audio-led theatre experience for families to do in their home together.

With guided activities that help families set up, and step into their own imaginative world, Mountain Goat Mountain is a unique experience for adults and children to do together that provides space for creative connection through play and imagination.

“One of the most beautiful family adventures I have ever seen." 
Early arts UK

Mountain Goat Mountain will take you on a journey that bumps you out of the ordinary and into a world where you work together to uncover its secrets, and discover the hidden treasures in each other.

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Threshold is a new Australian company creating experiences that bring people together at life’s big moments.

Threshold experiences provide prompts for deeper connection, for physical closeness and to help people to find the poetic or the playful in milestone moments. They carve out time and allow people to acknowledge the ways our loved ones change and grow. From birth to death, first day of school, menopause and divorce, we are using theatrical ritual to honour moments when mere words are not enough.