The Crazy Scientist: Kids Parties, Shows & Workshops That Are Crazy Fun!

  • Preschoolers

The Crazy Scientist makes learning science simply… Magical!

With 27 years of experience as a science teacher, the programs and activities offered are designed to be visually memorable, enjoyable, and educational.

Kids Science Parties

The Crazy Scientist throws science-themed parties that are always a big hit with children. These parties include interactive experiments and demonstrations that are as entertaining as they are educational.

The Crazy Scientist makes learning science simply… Magical! 

Science Workshops

The Crazy Scientist conducts hands-on science workshops at various locations such as OOSH, libraries and vacation care centres. These workshops provide children with the opportunity to explore science through engaging activities and experiments.

Science Shows

The Crazy Scientist also offers science shows where children can watch fascinating demonstrations and experiments that bring scientific concepts to life in a fun, engaging manner.

High School Science Videos

Being a science teacher, The Crazy Scientist has made hundreds of videos used in class to help support and explain high school science content and skills, with more videos and worksheets on the way, including science skills such as graphing, tabulating and practical report writing. Primary Science is coming in 2024.

The Crazy Scientist provides parties, conducts workshops and supports science clubs and schools to make science fun for everyone!

Science Club Support and Training

The Crazy Scientist provides support and guidance to science clubs, offering resources, ideas, and advice to foster a love for science among club members.

Free Science Experiments

The Crazy Scientist offers free science experiments that parents, teachers, or anyone interested in doing science experiments with children can easily access.

Find out more at The Crazy Scientist.

Check out the video below to see these Crazy Party experiences in action!

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Feb 13 2024

Darin made it so much fun. The kids were so engaged and spoke about it with such energy for weeks after. Thanks Darin


Oct 09 2023

The Crazy Scientist was amazing! I cannot recommend more highly. All of the kids (of different age groups) were entertained and engaged and saying it was the best party they had been to. Darin was very fun, professional and educational. A great party!

Tarsa Moayed

Aug 20 2023

Crazy Scientist was our best choice for our son's birthday party. They were very professional and punctual. But that is not all. They had the most entertaining science show you could imagine! Parents said their children wouldn't stop talking about the show for days. They even continued talking about it the week after at school. I highly recommend Crazy Scientist to all families. "He is so awesome!" As one of the boys said!

Mike Chin

Aug 19 2023

Darren great. Managed to keep 30+ 4 yr olds engaged. Fun experiments and a captivated grown up audience too.


Aug 19 2023

Crazy Scientist was the best choice for our son's 7th birthday. They were very professional and punctual. We still hear from the children and their parents about the amazing time they had watching the show, which was entertaining, educational and full of pleasant surprises. Parents said their children wouldn't stop talking about the show and how impressed and entertained they were with all the activities. They even continued talking about it at school the following days! I highly recommend Crazy Scientist for children's parties. "He is simply amazing," as one of the boys said!

Gemma Rowntree

Jun 29 2023

I would highly recommend The Crazy Scientist for a Childs Birthday party. My daughter and her friends had a wonderful time and were captivated and entertained. They loved the giant bubbles and couldn't wait for their turn ! The party was fully interactive with so much to see and do, while also being educational. The Crazy Scientist was wonderful with the kids, he was also very professional and punctual and happy to answer all my questions prior to the party.

Lisa Hamilton

Jun 25 2023

The Crazy Scientist made my child’s 7th birthday party super special, with the children looking in genuine wonder and excitement at giant bubbles, an air cannon and other fascinating science phenomena. Cannot recommend highly enough!