Baby Ballet Academy: Children❜s Ballet Classes in Bondi (2-7yrs)

Meet Miss Tracey the dance whisper who has been running Baby Ballet Academy at Bondi Beach since 2005, teaching classical ballet to pre-school and school children from age 2 to 7 years of age.

Tracey’s dedication creates mystique and atmosphere when sharing and her love of ballet which is nurtured from the moment her leapers and ballerinas jete into her studios.

Tracey captivates the dancers with her gorgeous choreography and exquisite hand made props together with a diverse variety of classical and show stopping jazz music. This authentic school also includes a truly heartwarming, and treasured end of year dance recital….Her dancers are so cute as they learn to say RECITAL yet say - Welcome to out ballet recycle.

The Tale of Tiny Toes (2 - 3yrs) - Baby Ballet Begins
Rule of the school is dress up in tutus & tendu in tulle! Toddlers in tutus, tights & tiaras will be swept away and introduced to the magic of Miss Tracey’s Baby Ballet. A dainty tea cup, a delicate rose…at Baby Ballet Academy they love to pointe their tiny toes.
Steppin’ Out With My Baby. The person in care of their toddler… is most welcome to foxtrot with their tiny tot.

A Reason to Love Ballet (3 - 4yrs) - Corps de Ballet
Say Hello to the Pretty Little Pointed Toe. Artistry sprinkled with a touch of magic dancing dust enriches little dancers movements producing fluidity, connected sequences and fanciful imagery.
Dancing duckling feet be gone…The little cygnet is now a dancing swan!

Celebration Of Delight, 1st Position Is….Right! (4 - 5yrs) - Coryphée 
The Princess together with the Prince set the scene. These endearing classes are a beautiful progression inspiring a greater love of music, movement & dance. Tiny dancers begin to develop into world class little artists engaging in creative ballet, Tendus, terminology and tempo…anything is possible.

Enhance The Beauty Of Dance (6 - 7yrs) - Principal Artists & Soloists
From extreme cuteness the young dancer will take their next grand step exploring a sense of ballet as an art form harmonizing the language of terms together with technique and it’s vocabulary. An inspiring & unique progression for the Baby Ballet Academy graduates as well as the future little lovers of…..anything ballet. 
Once the dancers step inside the studio play-fullness, fluidity & petite formalized steps develop weekly… ‘beauty of the ballet’. 

So to all the little sugar plum fairies take a bow and join up now at Baby Ballet Academy!

“The recital was just adorable. I can’t believe you managed to get that gaggle of little 2 year olds to all learn the steps to several dances and dance it together like that and on stage too! You are truly remarkable!”

All dancers welcome for a FREE trial lesson!


1. Bondi Pavilion High Tide room – Bondi Beach
2. St. Andrew’s - 60 Wairoa Ave Tap Dogs HQ Studio Bondi.


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Joanna shi

Mar 12 2017

my granddaughter will be age 4 in April this year. we like she start join your 3-4 yers class after trial. call me at 0411801718 any time for appointment. Thanks

Kate Champion

Sep 29 2016

My daughter Lotte absolutely adores ballet and Ballerina Tracey! Tracey has the patience of a saint and manages to actually teach the toddlers real ballet techniques. It is very impressive as I can barely get my daughter to put on her shoes. It is great that you can do casual classes as we travel a lot. Thank you Tracey!


Sep 25 2016

Recovering from Cancer with Miss Tracey at Baby Ballet Academy: Josh Nagel says:  You my love are the shooting star that has past by the window, granting our little ballerina her dream of dance... you have given her strength both physically and emotionally, you are part her healing and a very special person x you are Libby's fairy godmother x we love u thank you for everything x Libby and shoni x


Mar 15 2016

It was so beautiful to see you! Georgie absolutely loved every minute of it! She watched the videos all the way home! She was beaming, felt so special! Thanks you for being such an inspiration in Georgie's life, not just with ballet but the love and warmth you have for everyone is truly so special, you are one in a kind!


Jul 13 2014

My girls LOVE baby ballet and Miss Tracey - The girls are currently playing at "ballet lessons" at home. I can hear Soph tell Clo to wait for Miss Tracey. :-)

Danielle Berends

Jun 25 2014

Hi Tracey, I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic teacher you are. Ila loves your classes and that was always priority for me BUT coming to London she has started classes at Papillion Dance Academy. She originally started in the 3-5 year olds and has been bumped up to the 6 - 8 year olds... which she is pretty happy about. So, I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic job you do with the kiddies. The teacher here is very impressed with her level of ballet and you do it all in such a fun way. Teacher "Wow, that was beautiful Ila" .... Ila " That's because I'm a real Ballerina" Lots of thanks and love, Dani and Ila.

Vicky D

Jan 16 2014

What a lovely introduction to the world of ballet. Caring and fun environment. Miss Tracey is wonderful. Drop in classes are great for me. We still go pretty much every week but it gives us a bit of flexibility for illnesses/special occasions etc etc.


Mar 30 2013

My daughter absolutely loves ballet with Miss Tracey - she would attend everyday if she could. A wonderful class which allows the kids to have fun, learn and be creative. Miss Tracey is a caring, supportive, patient and enthusiatic teacher who makes every child feel like a star. Thank you Miss Tracey!

Karen Sawicki

Mar 18 2013

My two year old adores miss Tracey's classes every week. Her music selection is just wonderful and her sense of drama and props make for so much fun and inspiration for the little ones. Miss Tracey always has a welcoming smile and her joy and enthusiasm radiates in the room. Her patience and professionalism even with the little ones is wonderful and ally has even learnt little proper tendu and poses while she thinks she is just playing and having fun . We love the class and look forward each week to new exciting music and dancing.

Vicky Charlesworth

Mar 18 2013

My daughter and I adore your ballet class. Watching the little ones run around in their pretty ballet outfits makes my heart melt. You are so brilliant with the little ladies and my daughter learns so much from you. Your classes are always so much fun.

Gittel Mueller

Mar 12 2013

Miss Tracey is the most beautiful and gentle ballet teacher. My daughter is quite shy and difficult around new people and she is completely taken with miss Tracey. She is gentle and soft with the Children while at the same time they know what is expected of them. What I also like is that ballet is made into a fun adventure and ballet terms are used regularly and repeated all while the ballerinas are having fun! I couldn't recommend them highly enough :)


Mar 11 2013

My daughter has been going to ballet classes with Miss Tracey since mid last year following a recommendation from a friend (whose daughter also attends). She absolutely loves it, and counts down to Friday - "Ballet Day" each week. Miss Tracey has a lovely gentle way with all the kids, and manages to control the class very well. She knows all the children by name, and treats each child individually. At home, I am constantly treated to impromptu ballet performances from my daughter, and I love it - high 5, ballet 5!!! Thank you Miss Tracey.


Mar 07 2013

Miss Tracey's ballet classes are great and much looked forward to by our granddaughter. Tracey has a super way with the kids, they love her, the music is varied and fun, plus they learn some ballet! The annual Christmas concert in the Pavilion theatre is a joy to watch and an opportunity for us all to feel extremely proud of our kids and what they have achieved. All highly recommended!

Marie J. Lyons

Mar 01 2013

I think this is fun. The little girls will definitely enjoy the lessons with Miss Tracey. Dance fee is affordable.

Marie J. Lyons

Feb 25 2013

This is what every child enrolled in a dance class needs. A fun environment and a teacher who will make every single a good learning experience.

Yvette (editor @ ellaslist)

Feb 19 2013

My daughter has been attending Baby Ballet Academy for 1.5 years since she was 3 and truly loves each class and has a real soft spot for Miss Tracey. She is a wonderful teacher - a real ballerina, her love of dance and teaching shines in every class. Tracey really gets to know all the kids and always takes the time with each to help them understand and practice the correct posture and movements while making the learning fun by using great classical and jazz music and by using props of flowers, fairy wands and bubbles. You can really see all the kids progress and blossom as the term goes on. The end of year recitals are truly adorable, the kids are all so excited to be part of a 'real show'. How she manages to get the very little ones to confidently dance 4 or 5 pieces in a row never fails to amaze. It's adorable. I would highly recommend this class.