Sneaky Keys Music: Northbridge (2yrs+)

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Sneaky Keys has been providing music courses in group tuition for students from 2 years of age since 1997. All our programs are carefully structured to give the maximum benefit to each student, developing all technical and musical components.

Jayne Boyton operates the Northbridge studio and offers several levels of tuition for children, including:

Jitterbugs Music (2yrs)
Provides children with the opportunity to be immersed in a musical world, incorporating singing original and known favourites, action, percussion, dancing, musical craft relating to lesson topic and experiencing early musical concepts.

Little Beebopper Music (3yrs)
A pre-piano class which develops all aspects of early music fundamentals, including singing to encourage pitch, percussion to develop rhythmic skills, action and movement for gross and fine motor co-ordination, music appreciation for listening, and lots of musical games to encourage the brain to develop through musical concepts.

Pianorama Junior Course (4-6yrs)
A group piano/ keyboard tuition studying all styles of music. It incorporates all fundamentals for practical and musicianship development for the beginner student. Reading, aural and rhythmic skills are developed simultaneously and effectively in an unpressured and musically stimulating environment.

Pianorama Primary Course (7yrs+)
All technical and musical concepts are covered through repertoire and technical finger play, experiencing all styles of music. This is integrated with keyboard and percussion ensembles for rhythmic development, music appreciation for the understanding of musical structure and creative awareness and the opportunity for solos and ensemble work.

Intermediate and Extension courses are offered to students who have completed the fundamental programs. AMEB and ABRSM examination options available.



Caitlin Cantwell

Jul 10 2013

Lovely teachers, friendly group. Good value. Upbeat class with engaging activities.


Jun 03 2013

Liam started going to these classes when he was just 3 (they do start from 2 years though) and he is actually learning to read music.. he recognises the notes and can string a simple tune together!Amazing that they can be taught reasonably tricky concepts at such a young age, its just about getting down to their level corretly. I highly recommend it if you would like to introduce your child to a great way to learn music.