NumberWorks’nWords: Specialist Maths & English Tuition (5-16yrs)

Help boost your child’s confidence and improve their academic results with NumberWorks’nWords specialist academic tuition.

NumberWorks’nWords offer maths and English tutoring at 15 tuition centres across Sydney, and can help bring out the best in your child. Their specialised tutoring is tailored to the needs of each child.

From students who are struggling to keep up, to those bursting to get ahead, NumberWorks’nWords tuition programs are designed to meet each child’s specific needs, build their learning confidence, and improve their school results. Their expert tutors support students to overcome academic weaknesses and get ahead with their learning. Their approach to learning builds confidence, changes attitudes and delivers results. Curriculum based programs, which cater for all levels from Kindy to Year 10, are tailored for individual needs. They set goals for your child, monitor progress and provide regular progress reports. Best of all, the lessons make learning enjoyable for children.

Their Mission:

  • To put the fun back into maths and English
  • To be specialists in maths tuition and English tuition
  • To treat children as individuals with individual needs
  • To complement the maths and English they are learning at school
  • To help build children’s confidence and show them that they can conquer maths and read for pleasure

NumberWorks’nWords isn’t just for students who aren’t performing well in maths and English; they also work with high achievers. Whatever level your child is at, their individualised approach to learning needs will bring out your child’s true potential.

Book a FREE assessment and introductory lesson for your child! Whether you decide to start NumberWorks’nWords tutoring or not, getting your child a maths assessment and/or English assessment will provide you with valuable information. You’ll find out: your child’s strengths and weaknesses, gaps in your child’s knowledge, and suggested strategies for progress.

School Holiday Programs are offered at many locations to give children a jump-start for the upcoming term – just contact your local centre for days and times.

Click here to contact your local NumberWorks’nWords directly, visit their website.





Aug 25 2016

My daughter and son have both been attending for almost two years for maths and English. They LOVE it! So much more confidence!


Jun 17 2014

I am thrilled with the progress my 7yo son has made since attending the NumberWorks'nWords English program. His core English skills have developed significantly as has his overall confidence and ability. Not only has his school results improved, he is now taking initiative at home to read independently, explore words and give it go. He is happier at school and it's no longer a chore to get him to read or do his homework.


Jun 17 2014

Sarah has been a very reluctant reader and generally struggles in this area. Imagine my surprise, after only a couple of sessions, to find Sarah sitting under a tree reading, when I went to pick her up from school the other day. I don't think she has ever voluntarily read a book! Yes it really was a bit of a teary moment! I have no doubt that the change in attitude with her reading will also be followed by rewarding results. We are certainly impressed and grateful! Just as importantly, Sarah loves going to NumberWorks'nWords!

Sophie's Mum

Jun 17 2014

A huge thank you to you and your team for the amazing work you are doing with Sophie. I picked her up from her after school care and was welcomed by a glowing smile from a proud little girl who filled me in on her exciting news. She was called up during the school assembly and given a certificate for her enthusiasm and amazing strategy skills with her math's work! The family and I are amazed with her progress and how her positive attitude with a subject she was so far behind in 4 months or so ago. Thank you for all you are doing, I really appreciate your work. Now we get home at the end of our day and she sits at the table while I prepare tea explaining what she has learnt and showing Mum the strategies to use for calculations etc... It is fantastic!