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The ITFA teaches ITF-style Taekwon-Do which follows the syllabus laid down by the Founder, General Choi Hong Hi, in the Taekwon-Do Encyclopedia and run classes in Sydney's Eastern suburbs.

Taekwon-Do is the Korean Art of Self-Defence and directly translates as ‘The Art of Hand and Foot”. It has over 3000 techniques to defend yourself from attack in 360 degrees. It uses scienctific principles to maximize effectiveness of every technique for your body type, keeping on your feet ie not wrestling or grappling.

Taekwon-Do has many benefits socially, mentally and physically including:

  • Improved co-ordination
  • Enhanced Body Awareness
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Cardiovascular Fitness
  • Boosts Self-Confidence
  • Promotes social interaction and communication
  • Encourage Cultural Awareness
  • Nurture well-being
  • Improve self-esteem

The ITFA teaches traditional ITF-style Taekwon-Do. This is the authentic Korean Martial Art rather than Sport Taekwon-Do that is seen in the Olympics. Their focus is primarily on the Art, promoting self-mastery rather than comparison with other students.

The ITFA teaches the full syllabus including Patterns, all forms of Sparring, Breaking, Terminology and Moral Culture. They follow the traditional belt system as per the Taekwon-Do Enclyopedia i.e. white, yellow, green, blue, red, black.

Their Chief Instructor is Senior Master Andrew K H Rhee, VIII Dan. Senior Master Rhee is the son of Taekwon-Do Pioneer, First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha, who introduced Taekwon-Do to the UK and Europe. Senior Master Rhee was also Personal Assistant to the Taekwon-Do Founder, General Choi Hong Hi. He is the most knowlegble and experienced Instructor in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere! Whilst technically proficient, Senior Master Rhee has an unrivalled knowledge of Taekwon-Do and numerous anecdocts about the history and development of the Art since its inception in 1955.

The ITFA Dojang or Headquarters is in Alexandria. Senior Master Rhee has created a community space for the ITFA family and integrating Korean Culture and History into the design.

The ITFA offers a FREE TRIAL CLASS so you can come along and see if it is for you.  

For more information, visit the website or their facebook page.

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Jul 05 2018

This is an amazing Taekwondo school. Master Andrew Rhee is a true example to my 2 boys and he really instills the 5 tenets of Taekwondo (Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control and Indomitable Spirit) into his lessons. My boys are benefitting both physically and mentally from his guidance and loving every bit of it.

Lisa Westerlaken

Jul 05 2018

My daughter loves Taekwon-do. Not only is she exercising her body, yet she is also exercising her mind. There are so many benefits and one of the things I love is the community as well as the discipline in a supportive and structured environment. I highly recommend ITFA!


Jul 05 2018

I found, Taekwondo has been the BEST form of discipline and exercise for a kid. My son has been at ITFA for a few years and loves it! It is calming for his mind, strength for his body and gives him confidence to defend himself. Give it a go!!!!

Victoria Jackson

Jul 05 2018

My 8yo daughter Lily has been with this club for almost a year now and she is thoroughly enjoying it. She is learning great skills and self discipline, which is boosting her confidence and abilities. She is privileged to be under the instruction of Master Rhee, a firm, fair and dedicated instructor. We hope for many years of great experience and learning to come. =)

Sonja van den Bosch

Jul 05 2018

Senior Master Rhee and the other instructors are absolutely brilliant. Knowledgeable, respectful, loving and very good at what they do. They have built up such a nice Taekwondo community and it is a joy to be part of it. My boys have been training for 3 years now and have progressed to black stripe. In this time, they have not only become stronger, better coordinator and more agile, but they've also become more confident, mentally strong and have gained a whole lot of leadership skills that are already helping them in other aspects of their lives. I highly recommend any parent to look into this for their children. It's the best start you can give them.