You Can Now Stay In Harry Potter's Childhood Home

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For around $200 a night you can live out your wildest Harry Potter dreams. Pleae note this is the happy home Harry lived in as a small child, not the one where he lived in a cupboard under the care of his aunt.... 

This 16th-century house, in Lavenham, Suffolk, or "Godric's Hollow" as you may know it, is now a holiday rental on Airbnb.

The town of Lavenham is located in a medieval village in England and fans will recognise it from the Harry Potter films where the little wizard lived with his parents until Lord Voldemort came to wreck havoc.

The beautiful cottage has a stone spiral staircase, a medieval painting, and a giant wooden door emblazoned with hand-carved huntsmen.

The two rentable rooms come with stately four-poster beds, while a private sitting room boasts timber ceiling beams and a candelabra chandelier.

Sadly (or maybe not) Airbnb states that the property is not suitable for children due to the age and layout of the house. Considering this is where Harry's parents were murdered it's probably haunted anyway, kids....

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