We Get Swept up in the Magic of Malolo Island Resort, Fiji

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For families, Fiji is the elixir to our busy modern lives. A place where smiles are permanently fixed on faces, Bula’s are infectious and being on Fiji time isn’t an excuse to be late, but a relaxed way of life.

The cliche about happy parents = happy kids (or is it vice versa?) rings true when everything is in equilibrium. And this only seems to happen when we are on holiday when we're taken away from the pressures of reality, away from the hustle and bustle of modern life, away from the mundanity of household routines. But a holiday to Malolo Island Resort? It's more like divine intervention.

We Found Paradise at Malolo Island Resort

Malolo Island Resort
The fabulous pool at Malolo Island Resort.

Upon arrival, you'll hear the sweet sounds of Polynesian music as you saunter towards the jetty that becomes your entrance (and sadly exit) to the stunning Maololo Island Resort. You'll be adorned with shell necklaces, given a sweet, refreshing welcome drink and thus begin your transformation into pure relaxation mode.

The island of Malolo is found in the Mamanuca Group, just 25 kilometres from Nadi International Airport, meaning your journey to paradise isn’t prolonged by extensive transfers. In Fijian, 'Malolo' means where the sun comes to rest – just try and visualise that for a moment. A place where even the hard-working sun comes to relax. Even the biggest workaholic will get swept away in the contagious Malolo magic.

Here the WiFi connection is pretty lax, dipping in and out by the pool areas, and, rather poignantly, you can’t get it in your room. It might take some getting used to, but eventually, you won’t even be looking for your connection. After all, this is a place for making family connections.

The resort is spacious enough never to feel crowded but dotted around, you’ll notice families playing in the water, paddle-boarding or kayaking, while others relax in the sand, some sipping on cocktails as they watch their kids in the distance. It's strangely quiet, with the sweet sounds of happy kids reverberating through the breeze like wind charms.

Accommodation at Malolo Island Resort

Malolo Island family bures
The ocean-front bures


The family bures overlook the calm ocean, and have their own shaded hammock for lulling yourself into a state of pure relaxation.

If you are to wake at sunrise, you’re treated to a delicious fairy floss pink sky and the soft sounds of the ocean gently lapping the sand. There are no alarm clocks, no rushing out of bed for morning routines, and no TV noise in the background. The toughest thing is having to decide how you want your eggs cooked at breakfast.

Malolo Island Resort beach
Hammocks overlooking the beach at Malolo.

The beautiful colonial-style restaurant offers a full buffet breakfast for families with a short-order chef whipping up eggs to your liking. This is the happiest way to start your day as you gaze out to sea from the terrace dappled in sunlight. A place where cookie crumbs are literally on the breakfast menu to be sprinkled on your pancakes. And parents are so relaxed they are powerless to say no. Now that’s magic.

The Glorious Kids' Club

Tia’s Treehouse Malolo Island Resort
Tia’s Treehouse kids' club.

Let’s face it, what’s a Fijian holiday without some kid-free time? The resort has a fantastic Kid’s Club – Tia’s Treehouse – and by all accounts, the kids will be begging you to go here!

Under a giant mango tree, the friendly Fijian staff offer a fun and educational kids' club program called 'Yanu Yanu'. Kids will discover how to live like a local as they learn about herbal medicine and endangered species, fish feeding, Iguanas, traditional costume making and the Fijian language.

For an extra cost, they can even visit the local island primary school and neighbouring islands. I guarantee your children will be teaching you a thing or two about Fijian culture on the journey home to Australia.

Dining in the Treetops

Malolo Island restaurant
Treetops is the adults-only restaurant at Malolo.

If the kids are happily occupied at kids' club, parents can reconnect with each other at Treetops, the adults-only restaurant.

Bringing his extensive experience from the two-hatted Gallery Of Modern Art (GOMA) Restaurant in Brisbane, Ryan Ward and his partner Bridie are showcasing the fresh produce of Fiji. And it's fresher than fresh. Mud crabs, lobsters and tuna are plucked from nearby waters and garnished with herbs from the resort’s own garden.

Next door is the Terrace Restaurant which is catered to families with a relaxed menu, including a make-your-own sandwich bar for kids who like to call the shots (read: all kids).

Even The Iguanas Don’t Want To Leave!

Malolo Island Resort
Poolside at Malolo.

A Malolo Island native, the Fiji Crested Iguana was put on the endangered species list in 2006. They were referred to as the 'Panda Bear of Fiji' in terms of their level of being critically endangered. But do you know what? They're back. They just don’t want to leave Malolo.

In the last five years, more and more have been found, and as a result, there is now a Captive Breeding Facility that has stunned and attracted scientists and conservationists from all over the world.

Island Hopping

MonuRiki Island
MonuRiki Island

Talk to the friendly staff about taking a day trip to one of the many nearby islands.

MonuRiki Island is one of the jewels in the crown of the Mamanucas, you might even recognise it from the film Cast Away with Tom Hanks.

Upon arrival, you’ll see coconut shells spelling out the words ‘help me’. I’m sure everyone makes the same obvious joke when they’re here, "oh, why would you want to be rescued from this??"

Island hopping Malolo Island
Island hopping from Malolo.

Hopeless romantics simply must nip over to nearby Honeymoon Island, where you can have a private picnic on the secluded island. Drop the kids at Kids Club for this one, it is truly spectacular. Sitting on the deserted sandy shores after a bountiful seafood lunch provides you with an outer-body, ethereal experience. You’ll be pinching yourself and saying, “I can’t believe this is real life.”

Don’t forget to pack the ointment cream because a holiday to Malolo Island provides many of these pinch-yourself moments!

Getting to Malolo Island

  • Malolo Island is 25 kilometres from Nadi Airport and can be reached by catamaran, speedboat or seaplane via Port Denarau.
  • Rosie's Transfers will take you to and from Nadi Airport to Port Denarau.
  • Pacific Island Air will get you to Malolo if you want to arrive by seaplane or helicopter.
  • Otherwise, speedboats go to and from Port Denarau, catch the Mamanuca Express
  • South Sea Cruises offer day trips from Malolo Island.

Rates and Packages at Malolo Island

Malolo Island
Look how relaxed I look! Send help - NOT!

Visit the website for the most up-to-date Malolo Island rates and holiday packages.

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