The World's Cheapest Holiday Destinations

You might find this list refreshing because we have deliberately left out Bali and Thailand! Whilst they are both awesome, not too far away and extremely cheap- chances are, you’ve heard of them loads of times. Here are some more exotic locations (and ones you’d probably never consider) to keep in mind for your next cheap holiday. We’ll leave the discount flight scouring up to you!


If you’re headed to South America, then Bolivia is the cheapest possible place on the agenda. Food and drink is extremely inexpensive, and there’s plenty of adventurous activities for families who want to explore and get moving. A day’s budget costs around $25. Tourists should head to the Uyuni salt flats, and the gorgeous city of La Paz with its signature dizzying altitudes, buildings hanging off the sides of canyons, and bustling street markets. Kids will love Parque Cretácico, is located just outside of the beautiful city of Sucre, where they can explore the very cool Jurassic dinosaur park which has the largest collection of dinosaur prints in the world.

Source: Sucre’s Dinosaur Park and Footprints


This one’s popularity is definitely on the rise! If beachside is where you’d like to spend your time, then head to Cua Dai in Hoi An. This was ranked the cheapest day spent at the beach in the world by TravelBird (once you factor in sunscreen, alcoholic drinks, bottled water, ice creams, etc). An average daily spend is about $10 per person. Get out of the more tourist-run city and head to rural Vietnam, where you will see plenty of lush green rice fields and unspoilt pockets of paradise.



As long as you’re staying out of the wealthier shopping districts and not in the gorgeous palatial style hotels of the capital Delhi, then you can get by here on very few dollars. Street food is a delight with every region of India having their own cuisine style, experience the hustle and bustle of an Indian train journey, visit the black sand beaches of Kerala and of course, don’t miss the splendid architecture of the Taj Mahal. India can be both chaotic and extremely beautiful as well as bright and colourful, so make sure you forward-plan!

indian street food

Source: Indian Street Food via DAD’S TRAVEL DIARIES


You can get a bed for the night here for less than $2, and delicious food for even less! Cambodia’s major drawcard in terms of attractions is the temples- specifically, Angkor Wat, often referred to as the ‘Mount Olympus’ of the Hindu faith. It is the heart, soul and epicentre of Cambodia, and you can buy a day ticket there for around $26, a 3-day pass for around $52 and a week-long pass for around $78- which is well worth it. You’ll be blown away by the symmetry and creativity of the architecture.

Source: Angkor Wat via Exploring Kiwis


When it comes to budget overseas trips, Europe wouldn’t be the first continent to jump to mind, but Bulgaria is certainly overlooked. It has a gorgeous coastline with some of Europe’s quietest beaches including some with black sand, mountain ranges and old-style towns worthy of your Instagram feed. Head to Sunny Beach for a day of sun, swimming, sand and cold drinks for a mere few dollars. Plovdiv is also worth a visit, where ancient ruins of building now host exciting nightlife events, festivals, galleries and museums.


Source: Plovdiv via Inspiration Seek

Surabaya, Indonesia

When you've done Bali to death (and are starting to think it's "too expensive now" then try this destination on nearby Java. It's a little bit different to Bali, being a port city, but Surabaya has a lot going for it, from its rich Arab culture, exciting Chinatown and even an abandoned Russian submarine you can explore. To keep the budgets low, eat from the markets where you can get an array of cheap and delicious street food!

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