Visiting Seal Rocks: 10 Things to do in This Cute Coastal Town

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Quaint coastal towns don't get much more quaint than Seal Rocks in NSW. This relatively untouched slice of the NSW North Coast is the perfect weekend getaway for Sydney families looking to escape the big smoke for a quiet coastal escape.

Nestled along the stunning Barrington Coast, Seal Rocks is a hidden gem that promises a memorable experience for families of all sizes. Get ready to explore the outdoors, enjoy the ocean, and make lasting memories with these 10 things to do in Seal Rocks.

Visiting Seal Rocks: 10 Things to do in This Cute Coastal Town

Where is Seal Rocks?

Aerial view of Seal Rocks
Aerial view of Seal Rocks.

Nestled along the Barrington Coast and part of Myall Lakes National Park, Seal Rocks is roughly three hours and 15 minutes from the Sydney CBD and will feel like you're miles away from everything. The seaside village is relatively isolated, with little to no shops and cafes to speak of, so bring your own supplies and get ready to soak in the abundance of natural beauty the area is famous for.

1. Visit Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse

Things to do in Seal Rocks
Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse. Image via Destination NSW.

First up on our list of things to do in Seal Rocks is a visit to its famous lighthouse. Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse stands as a proud sentinel on the dramatic coastal cliffs of NSW.

This iconic lighthouse, perched at Sugarloaf Point, has been guiding ships and safeguarding mariners since its construction in 1875. Recognised for its striking white tower, the lighthouse is not just a functional maritime aid; it's also a picturesque historical attraction. Visitors can tour the lighthouse to gain insights into its rich maritime history and enjoy spectacular panoramic views of the rugged coastline, Lighthouse Beach and the Tasman Sea.

Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse is a symbol of both coastal heritage and natural beauty, making it a must-do on our list of things to do in Seal Rocks. The lighthouse is usually open from sunrise to sunset and is free to explore. And if you're really keen to make the most of your lighthouse adventure, you can even stay the night in the Lighthouse Keeper's Cottages!

Location: 75-77 Lighthouse Road

2. Soak up the Secluded Beaches

Number One Beach Seal Rocks
Number One Beach

Seal Rocks is renowned for its pristine beaches, and with numerous sheltered coves and inlets to choose from, you'll find your perfect slice of paradise for the whole family to enjoy.

Number One Beach is one of the most popular in town, but it stretches for just over one kilometre, so you'll always have room to roam. The beach's Southern end is more protected if you're looking for calmer waves. 

Things to do in Seal Rocks
Boat Beach

Boat Beach is just past Sugarloaf Lighthouse and offers calm waters and soft, golden sands that are ideal for building sandcastles and basking in the sun. The crystal-clear waters make it perfect for snorkelling and exploring the rich marine life of the rock pools during low tide. Fun fact: Boat Beach is also dog-friendly during the out-of-season months.

3. Wander Through the Rainforest at Wallingat National Park

Wallingat National Park
Wallingat National Park

Wallingat National Park spans over 5,300 hectares and offers a diverse landscape of rainforests, wetlands, eucalypt forests, and sparkling waterways, making it a paradise for hikers, birdwatchers, and kayakers.

With an extensive network of walking tracks, visitors can explore the park's lush, subtropical rainforests and discover an abundance of wildlife, including wallabies, goannas, and a variety of bird species. The tranquil Wallingat River invites kayakers to paddle through its winding waters, while picnickers can relish the serene beauty of the Sugar Creek picnic area. All-in-all, Wallingat National Park is a must-do on your list of things to do in Seal Rocks. 

Location: Hotel Creek Rd, Wallingat

4. Go Whale and Dolphin Watching

Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse
Whale watching from Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse.

Whale watching along the NSW coastline is one of those bucket list items every family should tick off, particularly when looking for things to do in Seal Rocks. 

Dolphins frequent the waters of the Barrington Coast throughout the year and whales can usually be spotted during migration season (April to July). For the best vantage point for spotting dolphins and whales, we suggest Sugarloaf Point and Treachery Head.

5. Walk the Neranie Headland Track

Myall Lakes
Views of Myall Lakes.

Another one of the best things to do in Seal Rocks for nature lovers, the Neranie Headland Track offers an enchanting journey through the heart of Myall Lake's incredible natural beauty.

This relatively short but immensely scenic walk takes hikers along the tranquil shores of Myall Lake, leading to the picturesque Neranie Headland. As you meander through the serene eucalypt forests, you'll have the opportunity to spot a wide array of birdlife and might even encounter kangaroos or wallabies. Once you reach the headland, you'll be rewarded with breathtaking panoramic views of the expansive lake, surrounded by pristine wilderness.

Location: Hearts Point Picnic Area, Bungwahl

6. Catch Some Waves 

For surfers keen to catch some waves or little grommets eager to test out their bodyboarding skills, Treachery Beach is the perfect spot to do it. 

Treachery Beach lies to the south side of the prominent Treachery Head and offers killer waves along with striking 30-metre-high sand dunes. If you're up for a bit of a bushwalk after your swim, there's a rainforest right next door along the Treachery Headland Walking Track

Just be mindful that Treachery is an unpatrolled beach and the waves can get wild at times. 

Location: Thomas Road

7. Grab a Coffee From the Famous Single Fin Coffee Van

Things to do in Seal Rocks
Single Fin Coffee

If you're craving a little pick-me-up during your visit to Seal Rocks, you might be out of luck. There are no shops or cafes to speak of in Seal Rocks, however, there is a famous little coffee van that frequents the beach. 

Single Fin Coffee can often be found selling coffee and baked goods at Boat Beach if your caffeine hit is starting to wear off. If you need something more substantial, we suggest driving around 20 minutes north to the more built-up Blueys Beach village

8. Go Four-Wheel Driving

Lighthouse Beach Seal Rocks
Four-wheel driving on Lighthouse Beach.

If you're up for a bit of an adventure and you have the wheels to take you there, you can hit up the beach for a spot of four-wheel driving!

The best spot for four-wheel driving in Seal Rocks is Lighthouse Beach. This spectacular slice of paradise stretches for two kilometres so it won't feel crowded during the busier seasons, plus, you'll have spectacular views of Sugarloaf Lighthouse and the headland to make the ride even more picturesque. 

You can access the beach from the Treachery Road carpark. Please note that a NSW National Parks Permit is required to drive on the beach.

Location: Treachery Road

9. Book Incredible Accommodation

Reflections Seal Rocks
Reflections Holiday Park 

Keen to extend your visit to Seal Rocks? We don't blame you!

Seal Rocks is a sublime destination for a quick weekend away (or longer stay!) with the family, particularly with incredible accommodations available.

One of the most popular accommodations in Seal Rocks is without a doubt the Reflections Holiday Park. With Number One Beach to one side and the national park on the other, you're smack-bang in the middle of an incredible natural landscape. The accommodations are super family-friendly, with tent sites, powered sites, cabins, villas, and even glamping tents available. Plus, there's a kids' playground, and, of course, the beach right on your doorstep!

Treachery Camp glamping tents
Treachery Camp glamping tents.

Treachery Camp is another waterfront campground in town that offers cabins and campsites and is perfect for beach fanatics and surfers keen to get to their first wave as soon as the sun comes up. Further south you'll find a more intimate camping site at Yagon Campground

10. Visit NSW's Famous Sandbar

Smiths Lake
The southern end of Sandbar Beach.

If you've got some time up your sleeve and you're visiting in a four-wheel-drive, we suggest adding Sandbar Beach to your list of things to do in Seal Rocks.

NSW's famous Sandbar Beach is technically in Smiths Creek, which is around 25 minutes north of Seal Rocks, but trust us, it's worth the drive! Sandbar Beach gets its name because it's connected to Smiths Lake to one side and the beach to the other, which forms this glorious bar of sand down the middle and makes for the perfect spot to pitch a tent and enjoy splashing about in the tranquil waters. 

You can access the beach from the north end at the Bushlands and Sandbar Caravan Park. Please note that a NSW National Parks Permit is required to drive on the beach.

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