New Research Says That Travelling With Kids Will Help Them Perform Better In School

If you needed even more of a reason to book your next family vacay (beyond the fact that, y’know, they’re super fun and you deserve it), a new survey has found that if you want your kids to be more successful at school, holidays could just be the answer.

The Research

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A survey of almost 1,500 U.S.-based teachers, found that 74% of educators believed that travel has “a very positive impact on students’ personal development.” The majority of teachers (56%) also contend that travel’s positive impact can extend to a student’s education and career—with 42% of teachers believing that a well-travelled child looks more attractive to college admissions than a child who has mostly remained in their home country or town.

The Impact Of Travel

Teachers seem to agree that children who have travelled widely and experienced new and varied cultures beyond their own have significantly increased tolerance levels and greater respect, plus a willingness to learn and try new things—which can extend well beyond the classroom.

Higher levels of independence, self-esteem and empathy are other characteristics that teachers report seeing in well-travelled children, making them a lot more adaptable to different situations throughout their young lives; at school, in the playground, and outside of the school environment.

It Doesn’t Have To Be International


While they’re a great way of sampling new cultures and providing your family with a host of life experience, travel doesn’t have to mean eye-waveringly expensive trips to far-flung lands. Even travelling domestically to a city where things are slightly different can kickstart a child’s global learning and understanding. Plus, bearing in mind that 76% of teachers claimed that kids want to travel more after being taken on one trip—you might not want to set the bar too high to begin with…

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