Here's Where To Go On Holiday When Bali Is Too Crowded For Your Family

As Aussies, Bali is a holiday destination that crops up for us time and time again, thanks to its accessibility, proximity and relative affordability. But, let’s be real—it’s not without its downsides. It can get pretty hectic and sometimes feel *a little bit* overrun with sunburnt Australians in Bintang singlets, especially in peak holiday season.

BUT! Did you know that Bali is actually only one of 17,508 Indonesian islands? That means that there’s another 17,507 for you to explore—and the beautifully-picturesque island of Flores just one of them. An easy one-hour flight from Denpasar, Flores is a relatively unspoilt, untouched paradise that is brimming with charm and rapidly developing into an up-and-coming holiday destination.

What To See

Image: Honeycombers Singapore

Whatever type of holiday you’re after—whether you’re seeking adventure or a relaxing break, Flores is the ideal island destination that's bursting with beautiful beaches, nature and things to do. 

The jaw-droppingly beautiful Komodo National Park is where you can spot the region’s infamous Komodo dragons, whilst also visiting some of the nearby islands, diving with manta rays and hike through stunning scenery (or, just spend the day relaxing on the infamous Pink Beach—pictured above.)

Image: Indonesia Travel

If you consider yourself something of a volcano hunter, Flores has got you well and truly covered. There are 17 (yes, 17!) volcanoes on the island, and several of them are still active. You can hike up most of them, or sit at the base and enjoy the stunning views with a cold drink in hand. Mount Kelimutu, located in central Flores, is the most iconic of the island’s volcanic collection, and it has three different coloured lakes at its peak—making it a bit of a natural phenomenon you’ll want to see for yourself!

There are also a plethora of authentic local villages that are well worth checking out; particularly Bena, Luba and Wae Rabo—located hours into the jungle and offering a truly traditional experience. 

Where To Stay

Image: Indulge Magazine

Now that it’s getting its name on the map, Flores recently welcomed its first five-star Resor addition to its shores. The Ayana Komodo is a beautifully fresh and bright place to stay, located in Labuan Bajo, the gateway to Komodo National Park.

The Bintang Flores Hotel is another easy, straightforward option that boasts its own private beach and waterfront pool amongst tropical surroundings. If you’re wanting to spend your trip diving, this hotel is an accessible place to stay.

There are also a handful of Airbnb’s to check out if you’re looking for more of a self-contained experience than a hotel can offer. If you’re asking us, The Sleepy Lagoon Beach House in Wodong Beach is situated right on the bay—offering an idyllic, laid-back experience for travellers looking to unwind and immerse themselves in the local culture.

Image: Airbnb


We know that a lot of people instinctively head to Bali on their holiday because it’s super child-friendly, but it turns out that Flores can give it a good ol’ run for its money. Kids will love this beautiful, natural island paradise—especially seeing the Komodo dragons in their natural habitat and exploring the remote beaches around Maumere Bay.

Image: HoneyKids Asia

Other things to do in Flores with your fam include attending a traditional Caci dance, checking out the Spider Web Rice Fields and introducing your kids to the fun world of snorkelling and diving. When it comes to food—there’s a plethora of traditional Indonesian delights to uncover for curious kids!

Getting There

There are a few airports on Flores, which make getting there a real breeze. If you fly into Denpasar, you can catch a connecting flight to either Komodo Airport, Bajawa or Ende—and the best part is that a flight typically only takes around an hour—meaning you’ve got even less of an excuse not to trade Kuta for Flores on your next holiday. Easy peasy! 

Hero image: World Nomads

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