Your Guide To A Sustainable Family Picnic

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What better way to spend a sunny day than with a picnic that is greener than the grass you sit on!

Any number of occasions call for a picnic, from an impromptu day out at the beach to family reunions. We’ve made a better effort this year to get out and picnic because it’s cost-effective, can be good for the environment and kids love it.

However, when dining in the great outdoors, try to make your picnic eco-friendly! The good news is that it’s easy.

Here are our tips....

1. Compostable Dinner Plates

A great alternative to the plastic plate, or the awkward paper plate collapsing on your lap.

Biome’s plant-based plates are made from naturally shed palm leaves and are completely biodegradable. They also have a great selection of picnic wares like stainless steel straws and wine tumblers. Check out the range at Biome.

2. Go Local

Support your local farmers by shopping for your ingredients at the farmers market, why not make it a fun stop-over on your way to the picnic? Whether it’s an easy build-your-own sandwich or fresh salads with pasta, shopping from your local farmer reduces CO2 emissions through cutting out the supplier and grows consumer demand allowing younger farmers to thrive even in urban environments.

There are often many organic stalls with produce that contains more nutrients with less to none pesticides and chemicals. Purchasing local also aids your local economy, keeping farmers in business. It’s a win-win for everyone. Here are Sydney's best organic markets for families. 

3. Pack yourselves an organic wine!

Did you know that more than 65 percent of Australians are choosing to purchase certified organic products? Australia’s leading and largest certified organic winery Angove Family Winemakers offer wine that is free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. All their wines are produced through a sustainable and certified organic winemaking system which involves a holistic, ecological and ethical approach to farming, gardening, food and nutrition. 

The Organic Chardonnay is a picnic favourite with white peach, citrus, and melon notes and on sale for only RRP$17.00

Check out the Angove Certified Organic wine range at:


4. Save the leftovers

Ditch the cling-wrap and opt for Beeswax wraps for the leftover dips and salads. Beeswax wraps are made by infusing certified organic cotton in the highest quality ACO certified organic Australian beeswax, colloidal silver, wild pine resin, and organic Jojoba oil. The all-natural product comes in funky prints and has a great range of sizes. You can find them here:

5. Take your waste with you

Save your biodegradable wraps and plates for the home compost – leave our parks and green spaces clean. The birds will thank you.

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