Would You Like A Sprinkle Of Bugs On Your Ice-Cream?

  • Parents Only

By: Alex Harmon, ellaslist 

As parents we love nothing more than giving our kids fresh, natural, healthy, wholesome food with no artificial flavours or additives. Well, what would you say if we found a new type of food that is organic, locally sourced and sustainable - you can find it in your own backyard - that's right we're talking about bugs! 

And this month you can try this new food 'trend' for FREE. That's right, the Economist will be handing out scoops of bug-filled ice-cream in a bid to get people talking about global food sustainability. The food truck will be moving around from Sydney to Melbourne, including Wollongong. 

I Scream, You Scream!

You can choose from Scurry Berry, blueberry and raspberry ice-cream with a mix of insect bits; Choc Hopper, smooth chocolate ice-cream with grasshopper chunks; Strawberries and Swirls, fresh strawberry ice-cream with cream and meal-worm swirls; and Nutritious Neapolitan, mixed critters in strawberry, chocolate and vanilla ice-cream.

It's A Bug's Life

Eating bugs isn't a new thing, in fact two billion people around the world are already adding the critters to their diets.

With the world's population is projected to reach 11 billion by the end of the century, experts fear that feeding that many people will be a challenge, and it is further complicated by the impact of climate change on agriculture.

So, will you give it a swirl? Let us know in the comments! 

Where To Find It


Monday, March 5 - Wynyard Park, 12pm–6pm

Tuesday, March 6 - UNSW, 10am–5pm

Wednesday, March 7 - Wollongong University, 10am–5pm

Thursday, March 8 - Henry Deane Plaza, 8am–7pm

Friday, March 9 - Martin Place, 12pm–5pm

Sunday, March 11 - Manly Wharf, 10am–6pm

Monday. March 12 - University of Sydney, 10am–5pm

Tuesday, March 13 - UTS, 10am–5pm

Thursday, March 15 - University of Sydney, 10am–5pm

Friday, March 16 - Chatswood Mall Market - 9am–9pm

Tuesday, March 20 - Darling Quarter, 10am–5pm



Monash University, Clayton: Mon February 19, 10am–5pm

QV Melbourne: Tue Feb 20 10am–9pm

State Library of Victoria: Wed Feb 21, 10am–9pm

RMIT University, Thu Feb 22, 11am–2pm

Flinders Street Station, Fri February 23, 7am–7pm