Why Study Space Tuition Centre Is An Investment In Your Child❜s Future

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As Ben Franklin once quoted, “an investment in knowledge always pays the best interest”. 

Nourishing your child's education through tutoring can have huge dividends for their future. Tutoring can help boost comprehension, build confidence and self-esteem, and promote important skills that will carry your child throughout life.

Study Space offers unique, personalised tuition and homework assistance across all New South Wales school syllabus subjects for students from years K-12.

We asked owner Regina Wirkerman a few questions about why you should choose to invest in tuition at Study Space. 

What are the main reasons parents decide to invest in tuition for their child?

Tuition is such a personal choice, we see such a broad range of parents come to Study Space. The most popular reasons for investing in tuition:

  • Helping your child reach their full potential in a particular subject. If a student is needing development in a particular area as identified by their school teacher or if they are falling behind then we invite them in for a session and assess which level they are at and work on goals to reach their own best standard. Whether a student is falling behind, or needs to extend their subject knowledge we are here to help.
  • Selective schools, scholarship and private school entry exam preparation
  • HSC and Naplan support whether it be exam techniques or specific subject content
  • Some parents can see their child has a particular strength in a subject and want to harness their enthusiasm
  • Homework support if the student cannot complete it independently, 
  • School readiness, and high school readiness programs
  • Mentoring/ study buddy role to keep their child on track, help them set goals and to keep focussed
  • For some of our students English is a second language, we help them to understand concepts and problem solving in English so that they can use the skills in regular classes

How do you personalise the learning for each child? 

At Study Space we teach every child with a tailored approach; we look for their strengths and areas for development, a key ingredient is to also see what style of teaching motivates them. At the Study Space centre we have a range of learning tools to demonstrate, facilitate, test and teach. We love it how each student is different and sees problems and solutions from a different angle. 

Our job is to teach all of our students the techniques that will equip them with confidence, experience, technique and the best subject content.

We work on the basis of literacy and numeracy assessments together with student report cards and ongoing feedback from their teachers to ensure that every child is taught to their needs and not a pre-written program.

How do you support a child's emotional wellbeing?

We are so lucky at Study Space to have a breadth of teachers who have years of experience in motivating and supporting a child's learning and emotional needs. We feel it our duty to bring out the best in each and every child and embrace their differences. Emotional levels can vary depending on year group, and our specialised teaching practices ensure that students can cope well with the pace, content and homework set.

Our one-on-one tailored sessions are great for building student confidence and gives them the opportunity to ask as many questions as they need until they understand the concept - and without worrying about what their peers think. 

At the beginning of each session we spend the first few minutes debriefing and connecting with the student about their week; using mindfulness strategies to transition the student into a more motivated mindset.


How much involvement do you expect of parents/carers? 

This question will vary for every single child and parent. At Study Space we build a strong understanding of a student's needs, and will help parents know what activities they can do between tutoring sessions if need be. We are here to take the pressure off parents, we know so many of them were working hard to teach their children during homeschooling, along with juggling the rest of their schedules.


How do your online lessons differ to your in-house tuition? 

Recently we have welcomed new students to Study Space via online classes, this has helped some parents so that they do not have to drive to the centre for pick-ups and drop-offs whilst they continue to work from home. Many of our regular students are back in the centre as they were eager to see their tutors in person, it really comes down to the individual as to which tuition classes they prefer and if face to face or online classes work with their lifestyle and ability to attend the centre in person or not. We strive to give students the same learning experience online as in-house.

All of our staff are qualified to teach in person and online classes, they make it fun and interactive while still covering all of the details and ensuring that the students are processing the information and problem solving tools that they need.

Find Study Space at Level 1, Kiaora Lane Tower, Double Bay. For all new students they are offering a 20% discount on their first class in July and August 2020.

Win A Free Tutorial Session With Study Space!

Keen to check out Study Space for yourself? Study Space are giving one lucky student the chance to come in for a free class. To enter, simply like the Study Space Facebook page and comment on our Facebook page to let us know. The prize is a free Tutorial Session and the child needs to be between prep and year 12. It is not transferrable for cash or to another person and needs to be used within 6 months. Good luck!