Why Kids Shouldn❜t Wee In Pools

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It’s an innocent mistake many kids make without you even knowing…you’ve probably even done it yourself cheekily from time to time! But scientists have weighed in and decided that peeing in the pool truly is harmful and to be avoided if you can possibly manage.

The Science Made Simple

We disinfect pools with chemicals like chlorine to kill bacteria and many of us think that this is enough, and that the issue with pool hygiene is done and dusted, right? Wrong! What you may not know is that these disinfectants basically have chemical reactions with the organic materials on our body like dirt, sweat and even moisturisers, and of course: urine! When these chemical reactions occur, something called DBPs (disinfection byproducts) are created, and there is where the problems lie.
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When You Need To Go- Use A Toilet!

Ever wondered if your really swimming in pee? Sorry to tell you, but you are. Science says there’s about 30-80 mL of urine per person in the pool at any given time! Urine has been determined to cause half of the DBP’s in pools- there’s so much on our skin that it’s hard for scientists to gage what reactions are being caused and by what, but wee is the major one!
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Did You Know?

Did you know, the classic pool smell that reminds many swimmers of Summertime, as well as that red-eye burn we get after some pool time is actually caused by the by-product of urine and pool chlorine….eewww. To make matters worse, it doesn’t just cause that signature smell and red eyes- it has been linked to respiratory problems like asthma! Therefore, peeing in the pool isn’t a sweet mistake- go to the toilet. And for good measure, shower before you make a splash.

Top Tips For Swimming Pool Hygiene

  • Shower before you get in the pool- adults too! Make sure your hands are especially clean if you’ve just changed a nappy.

  • Tell your children NOT to swallow the water or swish it in their mouths.

  • Use swim nappies- they’ll stop the solids, but beware, they can’t completely stop fluids! Change them regularly if you’re having a longer pool day.

  • Take your children to the toilet before you go to the pool, and during the pool visit too.

  • Spas: keep kids under 16 years out of there as they are more likely to have germs, and kids have weaker immune systems than adults.

Don’t believe us? Feeling scientific? Check out the video!

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