Why Kids Can❜t Be Left Alone With Their Dad

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By: Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist

They just can’t help themselves, can they? Dads can give little boys and girls the giggles of their lives… but can also leave mum a bit on edge when it comes time for daddy day care. Thanks to Bored Panda for these hilarious photos of total daddy fails.

1. When bath time gets a little hairy….

bath with dad Source: MelissaNas

2. When your little girl goes to school with this hair do…

hairdo Source: BoredPanda

3. When your child looks like they belong in the fruit aisle…

kiwi head Source: BoredPanda

4. When your son joins a bikie gang…

]bikie baby Source: BoredPanda

5. When daddy doesn’t even have to stand up…

swing dad Source: daedalus_78

6. When your son gets a makeover….

makeover Source: imgur.com

7. When dad actually becomes the swing….

swing dad 2 Source: BoredPanda

8. When he turns your children into waitstaff…

slave kids Source: hafelnuts

9. How Dad Keeps an eye on his baby….

tied up baby Source: sensuezik

10. Even Dads get hungry….

hungry dad Source: 2nie


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