Mechanics Reveal Which Car Brands You Should Avoid Buying

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Thinking of buying a new car? Before you splash out on your next set of wheels, you might want to steer clear of a few brands that could drive your bank account into the red.

The car-savvy crew at Procheck Automotive on the Sunshine Coast have done the legwork for us, flagging which car brands you should avoid buying if you're not into costly surprises.

Mechanics Reveal Which Car Brands You Should Avoid Buying

Which car brands you should avoid buying
Which car brands you should avoid buying?

According to Procheck's owner Shane Hewitt, car brands such as Volkswagen, Jeep, SsangYong, and Land Rover might seem all shiny and problem-free while they're covered by warranty, but once the warranty expires, get ready for some hefty repair bills.

Picture this: your Volkswagen Golf starts leaking oil. Covered by warranty? No sweat. But hit 100,000 km and that same issue could cost you a cool $1,000 at the mechanics—even though oil leaks are a very common hiccup!

Land Rover owners, brace yourselves. Need to replace a major component? You might as well dismantle the whole car, which, needless to say, can get a bit costly and complicated compared to simpler operations like swapping a turbo in a Toyota Hilux. 

According to Hewitt, the way Land Rovers are designed means the body car frame needs to come off to replace major components, such as an engine failing or a turbo failing. Comparing that to, say, a Toyota Hilux, to replace a turbo, you are looking at four hours compared to 30 hours. 

And if you're a Jeep driver, I hope you're patient. A failed wheel bearing could see your ride sidelined for weeks, waiting for parts to arrive from another country!

Which Car Brands Should You Buy Instead?

Which car brands you should avoid buying
Toyota Hilux is one of the most reliable cars in Australia.

So what's the smarter buy? Shane leans heavily towards Japanese makes.

Whether you're zipping through city streets or hauling serious cargo, vehicles like the Toyota Corolla, Suzuki Swift, Mazda CX3, Hilux, or Nissan Navara promise reliability without financial heartache. With most replacement parts already available in Australia, Japanese car brands are easier and cheaper to fix, which could mean more road trips and fewer pit stops. 

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