Is Bluey Getting Cancelled? New Details Point to a Big Season Change

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Bluey enthusiasts, hold onto your hats because the rumour mill's been churning, and it's got everyone talking about a possible end to our favourite animated Heeler family, after a massive final episode drops.

That's right, the whispers are true: the last episode of Bluey Season three, "The Sign," is going big with a 28-minute run, a massive leap from its usual snack-sized servings. This epic finale is set to shake up the Heeler world big time, with viewers quick to ask: is Bluey getting cancelled?

Is Bluey Getting Cancelled? New Details Point to a Big Season Change

Is Bluey getting cancelled?
Is Bluey getting cancelled?

Panic mode has set in with fans thinking that this might be the "thank you, goodnight" moment for Bluey. But wait, there's a plot twist! The powers-that-be are nudging us to take a trip down memory lane and re-watch five key Bluey episodes, including the nostalgic "Campsite" from season one and "Onesies" plus "Double Babysitter" from the latest season. Why? Because they're laying down the breadcrumbs leading to a grand storyline finale. 

Is Bluey getting cancelled?
"Ghost Basket"

Last Sunday's fresh episode, "Ghost Basket," brought back the iconic granny duo, Janet and Rita, while also dropping a mega bombshell: the Heeler family might be moving houses! Drama ensues as Bandit, doubling as a real estate agent, and Chili playing out a home-selling saga, with the grannies pulling every trick in the book to keep the house unsold, thanks to a supposedly haunted laundry basket.

But really, it's all a clever ploy by Bandit and Chili to prep Bluey and Bingo for big changes ahead. And as if moving wasn't enough, "The Sign" episode (airing on 14 April 2024 at 8 am on ABC Kids and ABC iview) is set to bring even more change, airing in a special extended format that's making history for the show.

Bluey Says Goodbye for Now

Is Bluey getting cancelled?
Bluey's house is for sale - is this the end of the show?!

After "The Sign" leaves us all hanging, is Bluey getting cancelled?

Luckily, no! After "The Sign" finale, Bluey's taking a well-deserved break. Yep, the team at Ludo Studio are hitting pause for a bit to catch their breath after dishing out years of heartwarming content. But fear not, Bluey buffs, the show is not being cancelled. The studio's promising they're just on a break, not bowing out. So, here's hoping they're kicking back on a beach somewhere, dreaming up the next adventures for our beloved Heeler clan.

Until then, you can watch all your favourite Bluey episodes on ABC iView.

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