New Sydney Restaurant Bans Kids & Parents are Cheers-ing the Vibe

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Sydney just got itself a shiny new eatery that's all the rage for its exclusive adults-only vibe. Yep, you heard that right – kiddos are not invited at this joint.

The mastermind behind Sydney's new adults-only restaurant, Kin Dining & Bar is none other than Peter Wu. The culinary wizard formerly of Sunset Sabi fame is all about setting the bar for adulting in the dining scene, minus the kids - and truth be told, we don't hate it.

New Sydney Restaurant Bans Kids & Parents are Cheers-ing the Vibe

Sydney restaurant bans kids
Kin Dining & Bar's interiors don't exactly scream kid-friendly.

Kin Dining & Bar in Marrickville is all about that drool-worthy Nikkei cuisine – think a culinary love child of Japanese finesse and Peruvian zest. Picture this: beef so tender and teriyaki-glazed it practically melts on your tongue, and a rib eye so divine with roasted bone marrow and a cheeky 'nduja butter.

Now, before you start hyperventilating, let's talk about the elephant in the room – the no-kids-allowed rule. Peter Wu's going all in with this one, aiming to craft a haven for adults craving a breather from the symphony of tantrums and the incessant blare of iPads. His mantra? A serene spot where grown-ups, whether they're flying solo or in a pack, can kick back, sip on something fancy, and revel in uninterrupted bliss.

How Parents Feel About Banning Kids at Sydney Restaurants

Sydney restaurant bans kids
Should kids be allowed in fancy restaurants?

And guess what? The people are here for it. A sneaky poll by ABC Sydney saw 88 per cent of listeners giving the thumbs up to the kiddo ban. Talk about a collective sigh of relief. Sure, Kin's not the first Sydney spot to play the adults-only card – shoutout to The Gidley and Quay for leading the charge. But it's stirring up the pot and how!

From a hospitality POV, Wu's got a point. Dining out is a sacred ritual for many, a rare treat savoured without the backdrop of junior's meltdown over fish fingers being too hot/cold/fish-fingery. To the parents out there feeling snubbed, we get it. Life throws curveballs, like last-minute babysitter bailouts or the yearning to clink glasses with the tots in tow on special occasions.

Marrickville still has plenty of family gems, with spots like Firestone, The Henson, and Hello Auntie serving up good vibes for all ages. But for those rare, golden moments when you're craving a kid-free zone to dine in peace, places like Kin are pure gold.

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