The Best Hot Cross Buns for 2022

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It would seem that they start to appear in stores the second the clock strikes midnight on Boxing Day, and while a solid four months of hot cross buns in supermarkets might seem like overkill, you won’t find us complaining! Whether you’re a classic fruit purist, a fruit-free fan or an avant-garde chocolate chip lover, you can’t argue with the fact that they’re incredibly delicious and the perfect snack to ease you through the transition to cooler weather.

If you're wondering which are the best hot cross buns in Australia, leading consumer advocacy group Choice delivers their verdict year after year and 2022 is no exception. Their intensive ‘taste-test’ sees members of the public blind-tasting Easter buns from major supermarkets Coles, Woolworths and Aldi, bakery chains Bakers Delight and Sonoma and membership warehouse Costco to see which buns are best - and the results for 2022 are in…

Woolworths Wins Best Hot Cross Buns in Australia!

Woolworths hot cross buns
Woolworths Luxurious Richly Fruited Hot Cross Buns.

Woolworths is the official title winner of the best hot cross buns for 2022 as they've taken out the top spot in the traditional bun ratings for their Woolworths Luxurious Richly Fruited Hot Cross Buns plus six other fruity and chocolatey creations. 

Other Winners for Best Hot Cross Buns in 2022

Choice Best Hot Cross Buns
Here are the winners across Choice's best buns test.

If traditional or choc chip aren't your jam, check out the other winners of Choice's 2022 best hot cross buns:

Best Traditional Fruit Hot Cross Buns

1. Woolworths Luxurious Richly Fruited Hot Cross Buns
2. Aldi Bakers Life Indulgent Traditional Fruit
3. Woolworths Indulgent Brioche Fruit Hot Cross Buns
4. Aldi Bakers Life Indulgent Brioche Style Bun
5. Costco Kirkland Signature Traditional
6. Aldi Bakers Life Fruit
7. Coles Traditional Hot Cross Bun
8. Bakers Delight Traditional Bun
9. Woolworths Traditional Fruit
10. Sonoma Indulgent Fruit & Spice Bun

Best Chocolate Hot Cross Buns

1. Aldi Bakers Life Chocolate Chip
2. Coles Chocolate Hot Cross Bun
3. Woolworths Indulgent Choc Chip 
4. Bakers Delight Choc Chip
5. Woolworths Cadbury Chocolate
6. Coles Chocolate I'm Free From Gluten Wheat & Dairy
7. Woolworths Free From Gluten Choc Buns

Best Apple and Cinnamon Hot Cross Buns

1. Woolworths Indulgent Apple & Cinnamon
2. Aldi Bakers Life Indulgent Apple &Cinnamon
3. Bakers Delight Apple & Cinnamon
4. Coles Apple and Cinnamon

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