Where to Find the Best Croissants in Brisbane

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Butter, pastry, more butter, more pastry, and a whole lot of decadent filling options make croissants a true champion of the food world in our book. Nothing says 'weekend' quite like a takeaway coffee and a drool-worthy flakey, crusty croissant treat peeping out from a paper bag, are we right? We're definitely right. 

We've rounded up the best croissants in Brisbane so you know where to head for your next hit of buttery goodness. Sunday mornings never looked so good!

Where to Find the Best Croissants in Brisbane

1. Christian Jacques Artisan Boulanger

Christian Jacques Bakery
A picture speaks a thousand flaky, buttery, delicious words.

If a boulanger named Christian Jacques can’t make a good croissant, who can? This is the home of incredible authentic French pastries, including slow-fermented croissants using premium French butter and traditional French baking techniques. What’s more, the croissants come in a range of flavours such as apple cinnamon, raspberry crumble, custard, and crispy bacon. How will you decide?

Location: 8 Baildon Street, Kangaroo Point

2. Chouquette

Best Croissants in Brisbane
French pastries done to perfection at Brisbane's beautiful Chouquette.

Chouquette bakery and patisserie is French through and through, offering a range of pastries and desserts, artisan bread and savoury items. They also have a delightful range of mini croissants, perfect for tiny hands – or if you can’t decide what flavour you want to try.

Location: 19 Barker Street, New Farm

3. Banneton Bakery

Banneton Bakery
A daily tray of deliciousness from the masters at Banneton Bakery.

Banneton Bakery has become a Brisbane favourite in multiple locations across the city, known for its time-honoured traditional baking methods and all-natural ingredients. They make their croissants fresh every day, offering double chocolate, almond or chocolate with almond cream and more. Yum!

Where: multiple locations across Brisbane, see Banneton Bakery for details

4. Flour and Chocolate

Best Croissants in Brisbane
The perfect croissants do not exi—

Another stalwart of the Brisbane food scene and boasting multiple locations city-wide, Flour and Chocolate is a must-try on the quest for the best croissants in Brisbane. You don’t need to take our word for it that the pastries here are amazing, their butter croissant is the winner of the SBS Feast Food Award. Phew! Award-winning croissants!

Or, why not try one of their delicious flavoured croissants like the almond and chocolate croissant filled with almond cream and chocolate chips, or try something savoury like the ham and cheese croissant made with local smoked ham and cheddar. So classic, so good!

Locations: multiple across Brisbane, see Flour and Chocolate for details

5. The Whisk Fine Patisserie

The Whisk Fine Patisserie
This southside gem serves up some of the best croissants in Brisbane!

A French-inspired gift to the southside and with a new iteration taking over the Brisbane CBD, The Whisk Fine Patisserie will lure you in with its delicious pastry aroma wafting down the street. But once you’ve tried their croissants it’s the taste that will keep you coming back for more. Our tip is to try the peanut, choc almond or cinnamon varieties – you won’t be disappointed. Oh, and grab a delicious barista-made coffee while you're there!

Upper Mt Gravatt:
103/20 Sanders Street (closed until the end of Feb 2023)
City: 155 Charlotte Street

6. Lune Croissanterie South Brisbane

The Best Croissants in Brisbane
Lune Croissanterie does it again! Just going to leave this here...

Arguably the industry leaders of the Australian croissant scene, Lune Croissanterie treat their croissant creation like a work of art. Their offering is a true celebration of all things croissants, and they offer an utterly mouth-watering selection of both sweet and savoury goods.

Our pick? If you can get your hands on a Coconut Rough Croissant (like the one in the picture above...) you'll thank us later. ⁠It's a twice-baked pain au chocolat jammed full of cocoa and coconut frangipane, and topped with flaked coconut and dark chocolate.⁠ Drool!

South Brisbane:
13-17 Manning Street
City:  79 Adelaide Street

7. Superthing

Best Croissants in Brisbane
Superthing's strawberry and cream croissant is a thing of true beauty in our book.

A newcomer on the Brisbane croissant scene, Superthing is taking the city by storm with its fresh approach to croissant crafting. They believe in sourdough culture in the dough, the best butter and aesthetics that make their Instagram feed a really dreamy place to be.

It's not all about looks though—these things are some of the best-tasting croissants in Brisbane. The menu boasts the likes of croissant eggs benny, served with salmon, bacon or halloumi, plus a range of sweet and savoury croissants that are the perfect accompaniment to your morning coffee. We are drooling

Location: 215 Montague Road, Brisbane 

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