When All Kids Cry At The Same Time: Life With Quintuplets

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By: Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist

What a cacophony! Most parents just need to worry about one baby’s tears, the thought of 5 at once is just too much. For mother of quintuplets Kim Tucci, it’s a daily occurrence! Check out the video she posted on her Surprised By Five Facebook:

Source: Surprised By Five/Facebook

7 Months On

This 1 in 55 million birth came as a complete surprise to Perth residents, the Tuccis, when Kim gave birth to 5 miracle babies, shocking the world.

Flash-forward more than half a year, and the babies Tiffany, Penelope, Beatrix and Allie, and their brother Keith are healthy, and 7 months old! Mum and dad have recently revealed what their daily routine looks like, and we personally think they deserve medals.

Life With Quintuplets

Amazingly, Kim has shared that all 5 babies sleep through the night from 8-10 hours, much to the envy of parents with far fewer little ones! Oh, and not to mention their other two children under 6…

But what does daily life with quintuplets look like?
Picture this: 16 outfit changes per day, burning through half a tin of formula, at least 60 nappies (that’s 420 a week!), and Kim’s ‘bookings’ made with her husband for simple visits to the bathroom. That’s right- she has to make a booking to use the toilet! What’s her secret to managing so many little bodies? “All I can say is routine, routine, routine from birth if possible.”

Follow the Tucci’s organised but chaotic family life on her Facebook blog, which now has over 335,000 followers!

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Credit: Surprised By Five/Facebook


Credit: Surprised by Five/Facebook

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