What’s The Ideal Age Gap Between Kids?

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By: Marie Ashworth, ellaslist

Everyone, yes everyone, seems to have an interest and opinion on when you should have your next baby. I’ve had several encounters with random people in supermarkets and bus stops who are more than keen to offer up their thoughts on the subject!

Of course, baby-making decisions involve a complex set of individual factors such as age, fertility, finances, career and of course, relationships.

If you’re a meticulous planner weighing up the pros and cons of having kids close together or spread out, it’s important to remember falling pregnant cannot be diarised and is often taken out of our hands.

There are no set rules as to what you should do but here are some of the pros and cons for both small and large age gaps to mull over…

Let Your Body Recover

Pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding has a considerable physical impact on a woman’s body. From the womb, babies take from the mother’s nutrient stores to ensure healthy growth. Dr Heather Rowe at Jean Hailes for Women’s Health recommends a two year gap to allow the woman’s body to recover from the birth, restore iron and calcium levels and to revert back to pre-pregnancy weight.


How Long You Need Your Body To Reover After Pregnancy How Long Does Your Body Need To Recover From Pregnancy?

The Importance of an Individual Bond

When there’s a larger gap, it’s easier to give each child individual attention without lumping them into the sibling group. Psychologists, such as Brisbane-based Larne Wellington, suggest a gap of two to three years which gives the child enough time to develop a secure attachment with the primary caregiver before another child is introduced.

Allowing Enough Time To Form An Individual Bond With Your Child Allowing Enough Time To Form An Individual Bond With Your Child

Older Siblings Love To Help

The case for a longer gap also includes getting older siblings to help and entertain younger ones. Children love being helpful and take pride in being able to assist their parents. It’s confidence building for them and can be a great support for you!

Letting Older Siblings Help With Younger Ones They Can Give You A Hand Too

Take On The Early Years In One

Advocates of smaller gaps, vouch for tackling those early-years challenges such as nappy changing and disturbed nights in one intensive hit, rather than getting back to normal and doing it all over again! Yes, it’s exhausting but things get easier relatively quickly.

Tackle Sleepless Nights & Nappies In One Hit Tackle Sleepless Nights & Nappies In One Hit

Making What You Have Work

So here’s the thing…perhaps there is no ideal gap! What if the best gap is the one you have. If you’re happy with it then it’s more than likely your children are going to feel the same way.

Being Happy With What You Have Is The Ideal What You Have?


ellaslist wants to hear what you think…what’s your perfect age gap between children?