Fussy Eaters Be Gone! We❜ve Found A Solution That Works

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Whenever you’re presented with someone else’s solution to your fussy eater problems your initial thought is usually “yeah right, like this is going to work!”. Well, we were recently presented with a solution to put our Mr Fussy Eater on the path towards eating a wider variety of foods outside of microwave meals, and it actually worked!

The solution is the Hello Fresh Family Plan meal kits. These family meal kits not only provide your family with fresh, wholesome and easy meals every night, but also encourage your little ones to cook themselves, which for us was the real game-changer in changing our son’s mind about eating new foods.

Cooking With Kids

Truth be told, the idea of cooking with your kids and the many benefits of this simple act wasn’t a revolutionary idea to me. This idea was already in my head as a way of getting Mr Fussy Eater more interested in food, but, being a busy working mum, my usual sob story of not having enough time to plan week-night recipes and shop for all the ingredients meant that the idea got pushed to back of my mind. So when a box full of fresh ingredients and kid-friendly recipes was dropped on our doorstep, the work was already half done for me and all we had to do was cook – voila!

Hello, Hello Fresh!

Our Hello Fresh Family Plan Box was for 3 family meals and included all the ingredients and 3 easy-to-follow recipe cards. Well, to say my son was excited when I got all the ingredients out for Dinner #1 is an understatement. To quote Mr Fussy Eater, “Wow, what’s this?” and “Can I have this?!” were his responses to discovering these new ingredients and realising that he himself was going to be doing the cooking.  


Our first meal was Honey-Soy Glazed Chicken & Fries, which Mr Fussy Eater helped me prepare and cook, eagerly watching as I measured and explained what we were making. As a fan of fries, or ‘Yellow Chippies’ as Mr Fussy Eater calls them, I was intrigued to see his amazement with himself that he was actually cooking his own Yellow Chippies from scratch.

As expected, the recipe was super easy to follow and the finished product looked impressively similar to the picture in the recipe. Bursting with pride at what we’d created, we all sat down to enjoy our meal and enjoy it we certainly did! The chicken was deliciously flavoured and the fries nice and crispy. In true Mr Fussy Eater style, the little one took 3 bites and then declared the meal over. But we weren’t disconcerted. We felt we were onto something and would be back in the kitchen the next night.

Why Cook When You Can Create?

Dinner #2 was Caribbean Beef Chilli and once again Mr Fussy Eater was bouncing with energy to discover the new ingredients and be back cooking again. The hubby and I were pretty excited ourselves to see him so entranced by food – who was this strange child?! Once again, Mr Fussy Eater was getting in on the cooking action, eager to create something amazing to eat. Like Dinner #1, the Caribbean Beef Chilli was very easy to make, with all ingredients provided and an easy recipe to follow. We’re not big fans of chilli so we left out the chilli flakes, but this certainly didn’t dampen the flavour of the beef – it was absolutely delicious! I’d go as far as to say it was one of the best minced beef meals I’ve ever had. Mr Fussy Eater must have loved it too because he ate every last mouthful on his plate!

We decided to skip Dinner #3 the next night because we all got home late, but we were surprised when Mr Fussy Easter questioned where the ingredients were and why we weren’t cooking again when he saw me getting a microwave meal ready – he was hooked! Our final meal from our 3-meal plan was Asian-Style Sichuan Pork and once again it was a homerun. When dealing with a fussy eater we would never dream of introducing him to something as exotic as Asian-style pork but Mr Fussy Eater was up for the challenge and ate every last pork morsel on his plate.   

Hello Fresh Home Run

So, would we try the Hello Fresh Family Meal Kits again? Absolutely! We feel that the link between Hello Fresh meal kits and fussy eaters is getting kids to engage in cooking, which in a way makes the meal more appealing to them since they've cooked it from scratch themselves. Meal kits also take the strain off of parents having to think up recipes and shop for the ingredients during a busy work week - it's a win-win for all!

To find out more about cooking with your kids, visit the HelloFresh website for their Family Meal Kits.

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