What Road Tripping With Kids Really Looks Like

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By: Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist

Relaxed games of I-Spy out the window, peacefully watching rolling green hills rather than having eyes glued to the iPad, family bonding….yeah right. Here’s what a road trip with young kids really looks like…

Source: Story Of This Life

Heart Set On A Road Trip?

Gone are the days of carefree, last-minute road trips with uni friends or your sparkly new boyfriend. Feet up on the dash board, an occasional trip through drive-through McDonalds, wind blowing in your hair and nothing but time on your side. Nowadays, they’re strategically planned ventures that always sound great in theory, but turn out to be a nightmare in reality. If you have your heart set on a family road-trip weekend adventure, you need our TOP 10 TIPS FOR A BLISSFUL ROAD TRIP WITH KIDS. Good luck….